1. 2win

    Have you ever had a smelly passenger?

    Spoiler: This thread isn’t just about smells It’s 6am. They get in your car. Suddenly it smells like alcohol oozing out of their pores. They have actually been sleeping for 5 hours, their last drink was almost 8 hours ago. We won’t go into details about what they did for the 3 hours...
  2. Halfmybrain

    Oddball rides

    7 AM I picked up 2 riders for an excruciating 7 minute trip from home (I assume) to Pete's Fresh Market in Bridgeview. They were obviously employees and both had multiple plastic bags--lunch? They REEKED of salmon or some kind of fish. Perhaps they were Buyers and in charge of picking choice...
  3. Butter3031

    Threat from Pax

    I am fairly new, and ran into a new issue. Pot is legal here. And I had a passenger ask me if I smoked. I said no which I do not, he claimed I did because my car smelled of it, at first I didn't realize he was referring to pot. I kindly told him it couldn't because I don't use, and had no one...
  4. Fargle

    Persistent bad smells with no obvious source

    What do you do when someone stinks up your car such that the smell lingers after you dose the interior with Ozium and the next rider smells the stink? Complication: there's no residue like bits of barf, turds, pee, food, etc which could be perpetuating the smell.
  5. J

    How often do you clean the interior of your vehicle (vacuum, wipe down, etc.)?

    All, I am conducting some research to determine how often drivers clean the interior of your vehicle. Appreciate your help. Thanks, Jon
  6. LeeOrlando

    My first 3 weeks - 4.96 stars, great notes, 300 trips. And just one bad feedback

    I'm semi-retired (including school bus driver and truck driver) and as an Uber rider I thought I'd give rider-sharing a try. I like it so far and I keep my low miles 2013 Passat immaculate. Bottled water, tissue box, and hand sanitizer in each door pocket. I provide iPhone, micro-jack and a...
  7. Teddy2gloves

    Ride of the day

    As i pull up the stench of booze and cigarettes were oozing through the doors. As they climbed into my car, the foul odor filled the car causing me to throw up in my mouth. We proceeded half mile down the road only to pull up to an Aldi where I waited 7 mins for them to come out with a...
  8. sixspur

    Shut up and drive - Jekyll n Hyde pax

    Picked up what seemed to be a reasonable well dressed sweet smelling female pax, did the usual hi, name, destination, let's go thing. But then she got on the cell and started shouting at whoever at the top of her voice for 20 minutes. when we were five minutes before the...
  9. Frank Underwood

    Uber customers and bad hygiene!

    Ladies and gentlemen, I know we all work hard (most of us do). There has always been this stereotype of NYC taxi and livery drivers smelling not so fresh. Sometimes, it's understandable. Many of us can pull up to 12 hour shifts and sweat. Not excusing it, just saying. I shower twice a day and...
  10. A

    Boston Logan Airport TNC lot is disgusting

    For anybody working in Boston who has been to the airport will probably notice how disgusting the lot is. I'm actually very happy they are towing Uber/Lyft drivers and giving them citations here now. Everywhere you park and you open the door you get a wiff of pee smell. Some pee in bottles and...
  11. U

    Lyft pax crack me up.

    Keep in mind: I use Uber and Lyft within the same day and never accept Lyft Line or 10+ min away requests. I also opt down into UberX for surges. Oddly enough, I've never gotten any complaints from Uber pax during the same time period... Now I can really relate to some of the criticisms...
  12. Edman

    Can't get rid of Marijuana, Cannabis, Skunky smell left by the passenger

    Last night, I picked up a passenger who claims to be a Rapper that smelled like marijuana and stinky smell/ odor was heavy on his clothe. About 20 min ride and after dropping him, the smell lingered in my car. I rolled down all my windows to air it out but the skunky smell is already in my...
  13. MeanBear

    If a driver doesn't shower often driving a taxi, will he shower more often driving an Uber?

    I've heard horror stories. I think one of the reasons Uber took off is that Americans got tired of new unsocialized immigrants becoming taxi drivers before they acquaint themselves with our bizarre, inexplicable personal hygiene habits and customs. (I am an immigrant, so I am not slamming ALL...
  14. FultonRealist

    Passengers: Smokers or alcohol smell

    Does anyone have an issue with passengers smoking a cigarette or reeking of alcohol that will funky up your car smell right before they get in?