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  1. jaguar_man

    UberEATS is DONE

    I'm really disappointed it has come to this. Would really like to see other peoples thoughts/experience at the moment... 2.5 years doing UberEATS in Toronto, 5109 total trips to date (bicycle account, 90% with e-bike) - probably another 150-300 trips on my car account... It is actually...
  2. Iziba

    It's busy in your area expect trips soon

    There he goes
  3. Pax Collector

    Yeah, I think I'll go home lol

  4. Mista T

    It's so slow, that......

    How slow is it? * A homeless person felt sorry for me and gave me money. * I changed the oil in my car. In between pings. * A cop pulled me over, said I looked stoned. Told him I'm an Uber driver, he just said "oh, sorry, tough luck" and let me go.
  5. METRO3

    Why is It So Slow? (Is it just me?)

    It's slow. 30min no rides. For once the graph is right. Starting to miss uber though I don't think Uber is any busier
  6. U

    woke up at 6, no red surge...?

    Havent used the app in 3 years but upon activating it yesterday it seems like theres no more red in the morning rush hour? Too many drivers or what?
  7. Rj312

    Living the dream

    I’ve been online since 9pm. One ride in 1.75 hours. One $4 ride. No tip. I know these holiday hours are slow but like, whoa. This is next level slow. I’m not even mad tho. Uber has f-ed up my emotional response system
  8. Uber7654

    Its so slow...

    it’s so slow... I just wanna (fill in the blank). ... I’m making an imprint on my seat.
  9. BurgerTiime

    A new study indicates app hailing services contribute 50% of congestion in San Fran

    https://www.govtech.com/fs/Uber-and-Lyft-Slowing-Traffic-in-San-Francisco-Says-Report.html%3fAMP The experience of moving through San Francisco in a car has gone from slow to crawl. Congestion in the Bay Area flagship city has grown increasingly worse, and a new report by the San Francisco...
  10. Beepbeep41

    UberEATS Restaurants To Avoid

    Please list restaurants to avoid. Let’s help one another to avoid these costly jokes of poor customer service - 1. Fitzenburger, Petrie Terrace (1 cook on during lunch rush. Waits until you arrive to start).
  11. T

    Uber needs to fix how slow it's new app is.

    I just did a quick pickup at a restaurant and ran it to the customer and here is what happened. I call the customer. Tell the customer that I'm at the entry way of his building. The customer tells me that is impossible because he can see on his phone that I'm still at the restaurant. I tell...
  12. Leo.


    Welcome to /slow/ general. A place to hang out and complain when it’s slow. Atm it’s pretty slowwwwww
  13. E

    Slowest day of the week?

    after coming up with no results with a search, I'm asking drivers what is the slowest day of the week from their experience? Sunday afternoon was very slow for me, and after driving for several hours and not meeting my desired goal, I decided to enjoy some time off. I wasn't really interested...
  14. Kingsnook

    Why is it so slow?

    I've noticed a huge decline in West Palm and the Treasure Coast Area in the past few weeks. IveI been driving since May and part time, I was making decent money. July hit and I am lucky if I can make $60 in a week. Tonight, I spend 7 hours online for $355. I have tried different areas. I am at a...
  15. Zdriver19

    Nothing but base

    Not worth it driving today. Nothing but base rates in DC all day. No surge at all. I have averaged a measly $10 per hour. Time to call it quit for the day.
  16. Gone_in_60_seconds

    Getting any LYFT requests in the downtown core?

    Hello Fellow Driver, Are you getting any LYFT requests in the downtown core? Today, i'm only getting Uber Lyft Request. It seems like the Lyft requests just disappeard similar to their fleeting promotions. If drivers don't get any LYFT request, they will just forget LYFT and focus on...
  17. GruveRecords

    Was fun while it lasted, but

    This hustle is officially done in South Florida. Way too many drivers and no more snowbirds. Worst weekend I've ever had..It's been 20-30 minutes between pings and I've done more McDonald's orders than I want to admit. Today: 5 hours = $38 Yesterday: 7 hours = $80 - If it weren't for a...
  18. The Tenor

    Has this week been slow for anyone else?

    I only want to know from drivers in the Twin Cities. Has business been slow for you this week. I usually go from one ride to the next, no matter when I work during the day. This is very strange. If others are slow, then I'll understand.
  19. BAKAD

    Tell Me Really is it Summer Now?

    Last two weeks have been slow, feels like summer or worst. I have noticed this slow down since the holidays started. On some mornings there is nothing but the occasional teenage wanting a ride which I don't do or the awful car pool, no thanks during prime time. But did get an X ride, but...
  20. burgerflipper

    Do you accept uber pings when its busy?

    I've been contemplating a change in strategy wherein when I detect multiple pings a minute, I turn off Uber and only use Lyft. Because of the tipping factor. Unfortunately for uber the only use of it is when other apps are slow or slow-ish, since nobody ever tips. Should've implemented this...