slow biz

  1. PimpMyRideShare

    Anyone else having a slow Saturday?

    Today seems unusually slow. Anyone think things will pick up later in the evening?
  2. Uberchampion

    Experts Say That Canada Is At Risk Of Experiencing A Recession In 2019 It's no secret that many Canadians have been struggling financially as of late. With the rising cost of living in Canada and interest rates, it can be hard to make ends meet at the end of the...
  3. Dhr94080

    It's painful knowing the truth

    So my email has been bombarded with Lyft sending me alerts about St. Patrick's day events... Let me tell you, the first year with these companies it was an exctement to earn more then the $300 per day wage. After the first year and no additional earnings I attempted the second year hopeful...
  4. Dhr94080


    And tell us Johnny, WHAT HAS THIS UBER DRIVER WON FOR HIS WASTED DAY COUPED UP IN HIS CAR??????? Well Bob.... he wasted his gas, he made $41.00 dollars, got pissed on by the heavy rain. Flipped off by a cop.... and he gets sh%t today for his efforts, and now sits in a parking lot where he could...
  5. NeoGeoJC

    I am a 2-year Uber Select driver. AMA.

    What's happening? Been slow for a lot of people this month; figured I'd emerge from lurk mode and spend a bit of time sharing and learning. Even the best of us can benefit from a morale boost at times. Yes, the thread title was inspired by reddit, one of my favorite sites. Ask me anything. :)
  6. Slat90

    Is it me or it's dead today?

    I got both uber and lyft on its rush hours and nothing! s going on?
  7. Uguy22

    So slow I am quitting

    2 hours; 2 trips <14.75 in Lincoln Park and Lakeview where I live. I drove total 2 hrs incl. 50 mn with pax. And it is Saturday afternoon!!! I have been driving for almost 2 years but never had this on a Saturday afternoon along Lakeshore...time to find another gig for the weekend...
  8. Lemony Snicket

    Advice for those using rentals?

    Maybe I joined at a bad time but I had 7 rides in 4 hours yesterday. Considering the bonus you get with 75+ rides a week (basically a free rental), I don't mind pools but overall, I can't even secure rides, nevermind descent trips. What would folks advice? Return it and come back mid-Jan? Can...
  9. volvererogue

    Slow today!!

    Any of you fellow warriors notice that now is very slow????
  10. U

    How was business last night?

    Hey guys and gals, so how did you do last night? I only had 6 measly trips last night from 10pm to 1am....
  11. Swfldriver

    No riders....

    Is it just slow? No riders in Ft. Myers....dang!