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  1. UberXking

    Give me one good reason to leave the queue

    You think the airport is ok with us driving on airport property, polluting the air, creating traffic? Waiting to be matched with a pax See photos from last Friday to see my reward!! I took the return to queue screenshot just minutes before I was rear ended at 50mph
  2. T

    Uber's idea of holiday incentive!

    Normally I'd work from Monday till Friday sometimes Saturday but to my surprise when checked the app tonight the money for instant pay says $0.00. After contacting support. These rats try to give me the run around saying. "We apologize for the confusion. We have initiated a direct deposit due to...
  3. Showa50

    When Their Shifts End, Uber Drivers Set Up Camp in Parking Lots Across the U.S.

  4. UberNOT4me

    Travis K Cares about the Environment

    View Travis Ks TED Talk video here: He cares about the environment so thats why he introduced UberFool. So far he has taken 1.4k metric tons of CO2 out of air right here in Los Angeles. This guy deserves an Award! Thank You Travis
  5. aware420

    What type of cars are you guys driving? UberX here and not finding this worth my time.

    Just received a text from Uber congratulating me for driving with them for a year. I drive UberX. Driving a 2011 Prius which am still paying off. I'm finding these $1 a mile fare ridiculous. With that pay off you are basically earning ~50c a mile after you factor in the miles it takes you to...
  6. cleansafepolite

    seriously how much abuse can you take?

    read the article, the author does not mention the driver at all...just uber as a company...how you feel about abuse of any kind is irrelevant...you the driver, irrelevant. what next happy ending massages?.. Hey uber can you bring these 4 tires to the guy i just sold them to on craigslist? i did...
  7. E

    Surge is DEAD RIP....

    Ok guys here are some more photos and literally the surge is DEAD!!! It became like a find the difference in two photo game. Lets play a game. Please look at the photos and identify the surge area by the street name.
  8. LVegas

    How to get REIMBURSED for dead miles, gas and emotional trauma.

    Here's a cut and paste from their website below, it's time to make Uber pay for all the RAPING on you and your cars/SUVs/vans/F150/silver Armadas. File as one UNITED class action lawsuit, this is $$$ in the bank! I'm pretty sure it can happen here in NV also not just in CA, I mean Uber is raping...
  9. 3for3

    ACRO not allowed Watch Out

    Watchout Washington D.C. drivers. Fuber is trying to fuhk its 20% commission driver. Im quite sure you have noticed that if you Accept a trip then Cancel it immediately state the Reason and most of the time its Other lately you will see this screen that says unable to log on because of to many...