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slamming doors

  1. Canteev

    Remedy to pax slamming doors

    With Uber, every day is just another day to disrespect a driver. I set myself up perfectly to get a 2.0x surge(Shore rate) at bar closing. I get there, and five people are coming to my car. I tell them that it's illegal to have five people in a sedan. After the usual "I'll tip you," "what...
  2. rais

    After driving 1 month I really only have one consistent complaint...

    I'm having fun... I might have an occasional @@@@@ here and there... but 99% of the time...PLEASE STOP SLAMMING THE DOORS ON MY 6 MONTH OLD SUV!
  3. ibeam23

    How would you handle this situation?

  4. Toonces-the-cat

    What to say when they slam the door

    Every once in a while a pax will get in the car and slam the door. Poor door :(. I wonder how many times this will happen until the door breaks down. Most of the time I don't say anything because the damage is already done. However, when I get to the destination and they are getting ready to...
  5. Django81

    Slamming doors

    I see there have been posts on this topic in 2015 but hell I'm new so it's new to me. Maybe I talk too much or espouse my philosophy too much sometimes but of all my customers two pax's slammed my door. Quite frankly I regard it as a hostile act. It's an attack or defacement of my property. I...