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  1. M

    Insurance For Passenger

    Hi all uber and grab car drivers, before I embark into this journey...may I know say if you are involved in an accident which involved the passenger... will the passenger sue you since you dont have insurance?
  2. ren

    let's start what's app Uber Singapore and share

    Let's start what's app and share insights
  3. S

    Experienced & Reliable Uber Partner - Want to Drive Long Term and Need A Car?

    Dec 2006 Opel Vectra 1.8MTA available. Please reply with profile and contact details. Swift Safe Rides Singapore
  4. SGUberGuy

    My thoughts

    So Uber changed their incentive system to their advantage and drove a lot of part timers away (maybe in the direction of Grabcar? ) We all become drivers for Uber for different reasons, maybe you needed extra cash for that dream holiday? Struggling to put bread on the table ? Saving up for your...
  5. chi1cabby

    #UberDINNER |Uber’s marketing stunt in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur ends in hunger