1. BadYota

    Gold at 8 year high!

    Gold is on a tear that we haven’t seen in years. It’s not just the coronavirus, although that has disrupted markets and supply chains around the world. All the major economies are over leveraged and in serious debt. Gold is finally catching up the inflation average that the banks have tried so...
  2. B

    This weeks incentives May 32-

    So I did 77 trips in LA county. My guarentees are lower than last week. 7 - 9am 2.0x 9 -5 1.6x 5-10 pm 1.8x. Anyone else get this too? More or less? Please let me know what you got
  3. Los Angeles driver

    "Silver Status" scam in LA

    I was sent a notice that I achieved "Silver Status". I was told that I would be guaranteed 1.4 surge rate during certain hours (7-10am and 3-8pm). I was also told that if surge was higher than 1.4, I would get the higher rate. Here's the problem: NO SURGE Normally in LA during those hours I...