1. ObsidianSedan

    Uber LED Sign in White?

    Last night I saw two or three cars with 'Uber' in white LEDs in their windshield. This looked similar in style to the blue ones that have been around for a while, except that they were neither visually overpowering nor gave me the impression that a cop car was approaching from half a mile away...
  2. I

    Jersey City to require illuminated signs on all rideshare vehicles.
  3. Willjohnsdrive


    Do you guys have signage posted in the car for like no smoking, recording in progress, ect? If so, I'd love to see them. I am still new, not quite 150 rides yet...….
  4. WestSydGuy

    Sign inside car

    Anyone have a sign for PAX such as this?
  5. DrinkSoda

    New message on the highway message signs

    It’s a simple message that more drivers need to take heed.
  6. UberPotomac


    Anyone knows how to get them?
  7. J3tpack

    Anyone want to sell their Uber Beacon ?

    Hello, new to the forum. I'm searching for a beacon light locally in South Florida. Hoping someone on here or maybe someone you know would like to sell. If you are not using your beacon or maybe gave up on uber. I have the cash in hand please let me know. I started working earlier this year and...
  8. Toonces-the-cat

    I can't believe what I just saw.

    Can't wait to get one of these.
  9. Uberboyz

    Lyft AMP sign

    Has anyone did not get the new lighting dashboard sign from lyft? I made over hundred trips with it long time ago and still got nothing. Just want to sell it on ebay as soon as possible. How much does this thing actually costs? :D
  10. BurgerTiime

    Are you ready to put this crap on the roof of your car? Uber patented a light-up sign to go on top of cars The patent was first filed in May 2014, but was only granted to Uber on January 3. It describes a light bar that sits on top of Uber cars, with a...
  11. CrimzonFiasco

    Tip Signs

    Not sure, if anyone else does tips signs in their car, but i made a few that seem to work awesome every time I use them. (I vary to keep myself from going insane) I have empty sign holders (that cost about 5 bucks at staples) and a printer. Alot of PAX told me that they "didn't even know "...
  12. GaryB

    Uber Stickers on Cars in Toronto

    I watched the news tonight an it seems like we are supposed to have stickers on our cars. I knew it was coming but did not know that they are available already (not that I want it - but I heard there are heavy fines). Has anyone heard where we can get these Uber stickers and if they are...
  13. Uber Man Boston


    Here sharing my sign which has helped me raise $93 dollars in tips for the last 2 weeks. Better than $0 dollars in months of not having it... :) Printed at KINKOS in Medford, MA and laminated. Total expense: $2 bucks. Total tips so far... $93. I am very happy. Oh, and I got the rubber bands for...
  14. Libertyfare

    Has anyone earned the pink stash dash light yet?
  15. J-D-P

    Free Glow Signage

    FREE ipad glow sign - upload this pic to your tablet and choose edit for the black background. Grab it by the mount and point it at your night pax. (Look at my avatar for the example)