1. I

    Are the new driver signup websites down?

    I'm in Dallas. I've been trying since yesterday to sign up to drive, on my macbook, but no matter what route I take, I get an error message saying something about the DNS taking too long to respond, or alternately, that, "This webpage has a redirect loop. The webpage has resulted in too many...
  2. E

    Trouble signing up for Lyft

    Anyone else having or had a problem signing up to drive for Lyft? I schedule my mentor session and no one comes or calls. Ive done it like 3-4 time, emailed lyft support and no one has helped. Any advice?
  3. Paul DeGreat

    Thinking About Signing Up

    I am thinking about signing up for Uber in CT. Is it worth it? Are they even accepting new partners? Finally, can any partner tell me how is the competition in CT? I live in Fairfield County to be most specific.
  4. Bauberon

    Inspections in Reno?

    Well, as of Thursday, I will be heading down to Vegas to get my 2014 Chrysler Town & Country inspected. I have been trying to get ready for the launch since the bill was passed earlier this year. Unfortunately, I've ran in to hurdle after hurdle. I started asking Uber Support when, where...