sick drivers

  1. Mista T

    When you catch a cold

    Is it just me, or does the human bladder seem to hold a lot less when you are sick?
  2. RaleighUber

    Driving while sick?

    Any of you done it? Any recommendations? I have the flu.
  3. SideHustleGig

    Why I love driving WITH Uber, how about U?

    Life so hard when Some PAX can't stop flow of diarrhea from mouths for like even 10 mins and ask my favorite thing about driving Ubers. What is yours? Here's some of mine. 1. I'm sadomasochistic so no need to tip, I'll take care of that after I drop you off. 2. They don't drug test. I'm...
  4. Lord Summerisle

    Ubering with a kidney stone

    So all the driving round holding my pee backfired spectacularly this week when I had to go to the ER with a kidney stone. Boy, did it hurt. In Morrissey's words "the pain was enough to make a shy bald Buddhist reflect and plan a mass-murder." Now I still haven't passed it and who knows if the...