1. Wabbitt

    Shuddle Drivers Lounge group on FB (new home for the dead company's drivers)

    Since Shuddle imploded mid-April and suddenly deleted its Official Shuddle Drivers' Community group on Facebook without warning, drivers have formed our own FB group to reunite, compare notes on fast-tracked new developments, and stay in touch. If you were a Shuddle driver affected by the...
  2. Wabbitt

    Zum (kid rideshare) looking for Bay Area drivers, $100 + $100 bonuses

    Since Shuddle imploded mid-April, a lot of those rides for unaccompanied minors are going to Zūm, a San Mateo startup. Zum needs drivers all over the SFBay, especially Peninsula and South Bay, and are offering a $100 signup bonus after 10 rides, plus another $100 after 50 (only if you use a...