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  1. Maven

    Lettuce, Cauliflower, Broccoli and Celery Prices Spike

    This is a new personal best for me, the most "Other" post that I've ever made ;) Here's a great excuse not to eat your veggies.If you can find them at all in your local grocery store, the prices have skyrocketed! Why? Heavy rains in the California growing areas. March-April, 2017, A...
  2. TecJay

    Shortage of Lyft Drivers

    I took an Uber passenger home Saturday night that mentioned she preferred Lyft. Her reasoning was the tipping option. She said she hardly ever carries cash and feels bad when she can't tip. I myself have square and paypal to take payments for another small biz. I don't use these options to take...
  3. Cowboyup

    Rider cancellations during trip

    I've got 3 in one month. Double check your fairs. Pax are getting around the Uber system and you by shorting you. And they don't tip. You need to check every drop off and report it immediately. You have 48 hours to adjust trip....so they say. Also, picking up more than one passenger during...
  4. becontent

    Uber XL not paying minimum fare

    I have noticed that when I get short Uber XL trips, it is not charging the customer the minimum of $7.70 but rather somewhat less than that, closer to $6.00 minimum. It seems to be confusing an XL ride with an X ride. It has happened several times to me on XL rides with multiple passengers and I...