short trips

  1. U

    113 TRIPS COMPARISON (OLD RATE VS NEW RATE) Shockingly Transparent

    Uber's reasoning to create a more consistent comp plan is fundamentally a crock of poop since successful drivers tailor their driving pattern to the style that works for them. For example, my focus has always been on the greatest distance with the least amount of time. My ideal airport run is...
  2. Marco Solo

    Drivers' latest "scam": Forcing riders to cancel low-earning trips =================== "The 'scam' goes like this: Over the weekend, Kelly requested an Uber in New York City and was assigned a driver. But the driver never arrived and couldn’t be found at the...
  3. Piloto

    Two passengers I kicked them off

    Hi everyone! I came from 2.0 mile away to pick one passenger up and when started the trip was to go 0.5 mile, immediately another ping from 1.8 miles away, and started the trip was to go 0.6 mile. (Uber)First passenger I told him, hey I am coming far away just for this 0.5 mile trip, I am...
  4. Pax Collector

    Your shortest trip

    Does this qualify as the shortest uber trip ever taken?
  5. warrior lady

    Anyone Played around with DF to Garauntee Short ( 5 min or less rides) to Increase Rides for Quest?

    Also how close to destination will app allow DF to be set for?? - I tried it early this am by DCA. - Those hotels on Rt 1 and parallel roads.- It actually worked well for 1 $4 ride to DCA. It's tricky though because when you are too close to Airport it will stop searching. - I'm trying out...
  6. Mipha

    Will I still be in the front of the airport queue if I got a very short trip from the airport?

    The question sounds confusing... I admit. The case is I often spend a long time waiting in the Brisbane airport queue until I get orders. However, the order could be quite short... no worth waiting... But I can only see the destination after meeting the rider, you know... I've even got orders...
  7. Steven Long

    BC Casino and Hotels on South end of MC

    I started driving about a month ago now. I get a few pings for short rides during the week. Every once in awhile I get a traveler from the airport shuttle that services Midway and O'Hare and stops here in MC. On Friday and Saturday night I get pings while I have riders in my car already. I did...
  8. OC Lady Uber Driver

    Buena Park/Cypress

    Shorties, shorties, shorties! Nothing but shorties.
  9. Cowboyup

    Fresno a no go

    Once in awhile I get requests for Fresno (TX) p/u and drop. If you do accept ping make sure it's during daylight. It's short trips but it takes awhile to travel for pickup. I pass on accepting rides. AND if it rains....streets are flooded.
  10. BAKAD

    High School Kids - Just getting lazy?

    Bad move on me, went 15 min. to a ride, turned out to be a high school kid. Needed to go 1 mile, no kidding 1 mile, no medical issues to prevent the student from walking. Well on top of that, the student wanted me to drive around the corner so they can be dropped off like the other kids, can you...