short rides

  1. Kurt Halfyard

    End of the SHORT Rides? BIRD eSCOOTERS coming to Toronto

    Will this end the Liberty Village / Ice Terrace Condo shorties on both platforms? Discuss.
  2. Rolling Resistance

    Early morning Lyft ride requests

    Why are all the early morning Lyft requests 15+ minutes away? I just drove 18 minutes to Tigard thinking I was getting a sweet 40 minute airport trip. It turned out to be a minimum fare (no bonus, no tip) with a customer complaining that three other drivers before me had cancelled them. 30...
  3. Kurt Halfyard

    Behold! The $1 Bonus

    Amusing bit of proactive administration on LYFT's part. TL;DR **ADVANCED WARNING** There is no plot twist or drama in the story below. After getting on top of a head-cold I was fighting, I turned the app on at about 10pm last night. I got about 1 minute away after being about 1 hour online...
  4. Mista T

    Broke my own rule

    I always low star short rides, unless there is a tip involved. But broke that rule today. An older man took a while to get to my vehicle, walking/shuffling slowly towards me. He gets in and tells me he has Parkinson's. Took him for a short ride. Friendly guy. Gave him 5 stars, maybe I am going...
  5. Mista T

    When educated guesses fail

    I despise short rides, only because they don't pay. So, I tend to low rate the people who do a majority of short rides. But sometimes it backfires... Picked up a kid (18, 19?) and took him home. It was a decent distance, but he tells me works at the local theater and takes Uber home every...
  6. Marco Solo

    Gryft offers $800 to get me back. Where can I find *short* rides?

    If I maintain a 90% AR and take 70 rides, Gryft will guarantee me $800 this week. That's nothing to sneeze at, but I am loathe to forego my usual Boober profits. So if I bite on this, I will have to do it after finishing my standard Boober shift each day. OTOH, the rides don't have to be long...
  7. Kawiz03

    Stupid Scheduled Trips

    What is it with these people who schedule trips just to go up the block like seriously if you are going to schedule a ride make it worth my time and at least guarantee it since all the ones I've ever gotten where based on me being nearby anyway
  8. Z

    Can’t beat this

    Your comments guys , what would you say for this ?
  9. Matthew Thomas

    Uber To Charge Extra For Long Pickups And More

    ABOUT TIME THEY GOT THEIR SHIT TOGETHER!!!!!! Now I will have no problem driving 20 minutes to pick up Bonquiesha from Walfart in Woodhaven!!!!! LOL
  10. SurgeSurferSD

    SAN Short Rides

    I never wait in the airport pen but I figure this could be a plus for some of you. I just got a text about getting a preferred queue position after dropping off after a short ride. Happy hunting!
  11. X

    Why Uber not paying Minimum Fare they charge rider?

    Did anybody have same situations, when short run pay by Uber less than $5.00 in Portland,OR. Base Fare: $1.25 Per Minute: $0.20 Per Mile: $1.15 Cancellation Fee: $5 Service Fees: $1.35 Minimum Fare: $6.35 My understanding Minimum Fare: $6.35 - Service Fees: $1.35 = $5 , never less ?
  12. SMH Uber

    It's Funny How...

    When you pray for long rides, you can't get them and when you are looking to get the short rides to meet the 55 for $85. You can't pay for a short ride. I've been getting airport ride after airport ride. City to suburb ride. I'm at the airport now and I was in queue for a short time. I got a...
  13. UberReallySucks

    3 short rides - 3 bad ratings

    It never fails... Every time I get screwed with a stupid short ride, my ratings go down. I was in an area today that I didn't feel like leaving because of traffic in every which direction so I decided against my better judgement to stick around for a while and I ended up getting 5 pings... 2 I...
  14. J

    I'm now getting very bored

    I'm getting nothing but short ride, after short ride, after short ride. Most of my rides now are below $10. That includes rides that req me to drive 10-20 mins to get them. Some semi rural places I used to like to go to i now find myself avoiding, even if I recognize the address. Not driving 15...
  15. UberReallySucks

    Uber Quick Excessive Growth

    Another thing that grows excessively, relatively quickly is CANCER... And just like Cancer, Uber will try to destroy everything around it before it finally destroys itself. First order of business: Destroy the cab companies with continuous price cuts Second order of business: Destroy similar...