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short ride

  1. ZenUber

    Difficult Pax turns into great ride.

    Get a ride request, and the pax calls. I decline the call, as I always do. Then he sends me a text. He asks me to back into the driveway because he is on crutches. At first I pull into the wrong driveway. I waited, and nobody came out. I checked the mail box again, and it looks like the numbers...
  2. Rolling Resistance

    Early morning Lyft ride requests

    Why are all the early morning Lyft requests 15+ minutes away? I just drove 18 minutes to Tigard thinking I was getting a sweet 40 minute airport trip. It turned out to be a minimum fare (no bonus, no tip) with a customer complaining that three other drivers before me had cancelled them. 30...
  3. M

    Is it true rider gets refund for a 1 star rating?

    I received a 1 star rating tonight and later i found out the rider paid almost 25 bucks for a very short trip due to surge. Does the rider really get a full refund just because he rated me 1 star?
  4. warrior lady

    Would You Allow Late Night Pax in DC Smoke Pot During a 7 minute Ride... If They Tipped $100 in Cash

    TRUE STORY.. Crazy!! At bar pickup on U St. at 2:30 am, little rich girl asks if I would do her and her friends a favor. Would I let them smoke Weed during the 7 minute ride for $100 cash? I told her if she gives $ to me before the ride.. I didn’t think she actually had it.. I was stunned when...