short pay

  1. X

    Why Uber not paying Minimum Fare they charge rider?

    Did anybody have same situations, when short run pay by Uber less than $5.00 in Portland,OR. Base Fare: $1.25 Per Minute: $0.20 Per Mile: $1.15 Cancellation Fee: $5 Service Fees: $1.35 Minimum Fare: $6.35 My understanding Minimum Fare: $6.35 - Service Fees: $1.35 = $5 , never less ?
  2. TheThings

    UberPOOL Short Pay for every Pool that has a match

    Is anyone else calculating their uberpool fares when the ride is over? All the Uber pools that I have done where there is not a second person matched up come out accurately. The uberpool where there is a match and I pick up a second ride, those are all calculated incorrectly. I request...