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shooting at uber riders

  1. Marco Solo

    Uber driver w/ pax in car kills other driver who forced him to pull over

    https://sso.cmgdigital.com/static/server.html?origin=https://www.wftv.com/news/local/uber-driver-shoots-kills-man-who-was-threatening-him-in-polk-county-officials-say/822975102 Boyfriend with criminal record suspects his girlfriend is in an Uber that just drove away from a bar, but pax is just...
  2. PapaDadio

    Shooting last night

    Did any Uber driver get their car shot? I read that 16 cars were hit last night and was on market about an hour earlier myself. Related to this I guess do many of you drivers have a car camera? Not specifically for the shooting but was curious how many used them, seems like a decent investment...
  3. Fireguy50

    Kalamazoo shooter dragged out of courtroom!

    http://www.cnn.com/2016/05/20/us/kalamazoo-michigan-shooting-hearing/ Kalamazoo shooting suspect Jason Dalton will stand trial on charges he killed six people and injured two during a February shooting spree in the Michigan city. Kalamazoo County District Court Judge Christopher Haenicke on...
  4. D

    Shooting in Uber

    Was watching the news.... Heard that two women were shot while in Uber. Apparently shot in arm & back - didn't catch much details. Anyone able to provide additional information??