1. BurgerTiime

    Uber driver arrested with active warrant for rape Authorities in Cobb County said they have arrested an Uber driver who has outstanding warrants in Tennessee for attempted rape and other offenses. Kevin Jerome is wanted on...
  2. Jt -wknd_driver

    New Era Field - Drop-off

    Am I the only one that did not know this: I pickup a couple of Buccaneers fan's in Niagara Falls who are headed to the game. I am happy: it should be a good fair, they are great guys, everything is going well. We are going to get to the field at 11:30. The interesting thing is that the...
  3. HiDuuken

    Fight at FLL?

    Pax at MIA informed me there was a fight FLL on a Spirit flight. A pax and the Pilot got into to and it spilled over into an altercation with several persons being involved. Anybody witness anything that looked like a commotion? Anybody see BSO scramble for the airport in a hurry?