sharing economy

  1. Jack Malarkey

    Treasury consultation paper on implementing a reporting regime for sharing economy providers

    From the Australian Treasury’s website: Implementing a reporting regime for sharing economy platform providers ... 23 January 2019 - 22 February [email protected] Consultation Paper Key documents Consultation Paper - PDF 759KB Consultation Paper - DOCX 324KB In the...
  2. Ourrideshare

    How can clients save and drivers profit?

    It is in the best interest for drivers to earn more money and for passengers to pay less. A profit sharing program, where drivers can recruit other drivers is the key since they earn a commission from their downline. If drivers have recruits that offer a second stream of income, then passengers...
  3. SurgeSurferSD

    Uber asking for statements

    Anybody else get these? I got two texts from Uber today asking for my "sharing economy statements", first for $10 each, then for $15 each. Is this legit? Is it a violation of Lyft contract if I send them? Do they actually pay you?
  4. KVan

    NC Uber Drivers lawsuit, update

    There are currently 14 plaintiffs officially opted in to class action here in NC. signup link: article: case...
  5. KVan

    NC Driver Class Action sign up

    If Drivers in NC want to join current driver plaintiffs in existing NC class action suit contact Brittany Weiner 646 380 9555
  6. Melissa Holland

    Get $25 for 1hr discussion about your experience as an Uber driver (Oct 13)

    Hello everyone- I'm working to plan a panel discussion for a class at Parsons of The New School to help students learn about the sharing economy first hand from service providers. I'm hoping to find an experienced Uber driver to join us and speak to our students about the process. I would pay...
  7. Libertyfare

    Does anyone know of other highly flexible sharing economy jobs?

    Is there a good website for such things? I know a few names like taskrabbit and postmates but are there other potential sources of revenue for someone who needs flexibility other than these rideshare gigs?
  8. Toonces-the-cat

    Back to the Future

    Every time I get in my car and turn on the app, I am magically transported back to a time when I worked 40 hours and made and made minimum wage. I love the sharing economy.
  9. O

    Deliveroo has triggered the Sharing Economy’s day of reckoning

    Deliveroo has triggered the Sharing Economy’s day of reckoning – The Memo
  10. sarahgirl25

    Anyone heard of TourWithMe before?

    Came across this app called TourWithMe, similar to Uber/Lyft, seems like instead of driving you can earn by showing guests places. Anyone heard of them before?
  11. chi1cabby

    How Platform Coops Can Beat Death Stars Like Uber to Create a Real Sharing Economy

    By Neal Gorenflo