1. T

    Uber fees more than driver pay

    i had this pool trip from downtown sf to sfo and surprisingly found out that uber fees was actually alomst double the driver
  2. SHRPR

    Share your Stories

    Hey Everyone, We wanted to invite you to share your stories with us. Who doesn't like to share funny and interesting stories? Comment down below!
  3. Mindriot07

    New Driver - Inspection Question

    Hey all! I just signed up for Uber, not even approved yet, and wanted to get the inspection out of the way right away. I read on a couple of articles that there is an online service called Ride Share Mechanic where they can do the inspection via video chat. As soon as I got to the site and put...
  4. U

    Rider app- "live location share" feature absent

    Hi. On the rider app, I am not seeing "share my location with driver" feature. I did check, I have all permissions enabled, latest app and Android update, but in Uber > Settings > Privacy > Location , the "Share my location" option does not appear. I followed up with Uber costumer service over...
  5. P

    Rent an under-utilized vehicle

    Hello Seattle, I'm soon to join the ranks of drivers in Seattle but my car is a 2006 model and I'm not in the position right now to update it. I'm looking for opportunities to rent another driver's car while it's otherwise idle. Depending on the availability of your car, we could negotiate a...
  6. C

    Car share between potential Uber drivers?

    Hello Melbourne Uber Drivers. I am not a driver but I admire those who are trying to make their way in life by driving through Uber. It strikes me that having an approved car is hard/expensive and can prevent someone from being a driver. I see that Uber offers some suggestions on how to get a...
  7. PeteyV

    Airbnb pool for hamptons?

    I'm usually the only driver in town. The people are amazing and I'm making hundreds a day despite Uber's fake surges. The 75mile commute is money and sleep lost for me. Anyone interested in going in on a airbnb house and killing it there? Let me know your contact info and dates you'd be...
  8. Tim Brash

    Newbie Intersted in Sharing a Lease

    I just got my TLC license for NYC and I will be a very part time driver. Are there drivers out there that work in shifts and would like to share their vehicle? I live in Inwood.
  9. B-kool

    Share rating??

    Wanted to see how we all stack up all across the cutthroat world of moving human beings from point A to B. I am in northern California and I am sitting, hopefully for the foreseeable future at 4.88
  10. A

    Anyone have a car to rent?

    I'm looking for an uber driver that may be interested in renting thier car the hours they are not driving. I have been approved and am ready to roll , just need to get started with an eligible vehicle and leases are not an option.