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  1. N

    Shared Ride Behavior Change During Streak Bonus?

    I absolutely never take shared rides under 100% PT unless there's a streak bonus or something and it's a slow night. The other day I had a streak bonus for "$12 for 4 consecutive rides". Figured I'd just go out and knock it out. Got into the city and immediately got a Shared ping, no PT.. not...
  2. E

    Incentives, Bonuses, etc. Did I screw myself over?

    Less than a year ago, I loved driving during the incentives Uber offered, which were hourly guarantees. It went over well the first couple times, but afterwards, I became furious when I didn't get my incentive payment. Uber claimed I didn't accept enough rides (but from my stands I'd accepted...
  3. Jt UberXL

    Watch it punk!

    Who is the prick trying to take girls back to his house trying to pressure them to "come inside for a few more drinks". This is all but rape. One woman had to walk 4 miles from your house crying. I wish she remembered the address. You have been reported and your car and license plate info...
  4. K

    Referalls Change

    Howdy I referred my mother to drive when Uber said it would be $500 But now that I am looking it says $100 for her. We think this may have to do with the city? But this was not explained anywhere readily apparent. Also can we change her city so that she can get the $500 that was originally...
  5. ranger0793

    Surging in Pensacola

    Has anyone actually caught a request during a surge? I always see the area surging, however seems as though my fares are never in the surge zone. I also get the message about going offline when the area is surging, however I feel the surge is just a scam to keep people out on the road. What...