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  1. J

    SFO police presence

    Has anyone noticed a heavier police presence at SFO the past several days? I began noticing it last week with CHP pulling cars over as they approached the airport and police near the queue lots. Last night I saw both CHP (as I was approaching the parking garage) and SFPD (actually in the parking...
  2. New-Member

    SFO Insanity

    Was in Millbrae tonight so thought I’d check the queue, 1-5 so I drive over 101, immediate ping for T3, then realize every road blocked solid. 101 backed up to Millbrae Ave, jammed all around the terminals, said f this, Cancelled and escaped thru the completely empty as usual Arrivals level...
  3. Jordan V

    Dear drivers @ SFO Lot

    1) I'm tired of waiting in the heat, with my fan blowing in all the stinky piss deliberately spilled on the parking spaces. GAG! To those doing this: WHY?! Seriously. If you can't be bothered to use a portapotty, drop your F'in piss bottle in the trash! There is a bin within 10 steps of you...
  4. U

    SFO Garage or Firefly?

    What would give you more revenue? Being able to pick up at the SFO garage or having a Firefly sign on the roof of your car?
  5. Initial D

    Question about "Drive to Airport - You will get a request on the way" (Lyft)

    Whenever I'm at SFO or the Oakland Airport, I always get the message to drive to the airport for a ride from Lyft after I'm really close to the top of the queue. I was wondering, is the queue still moving while this message is up? I usually wait on Lyft and get a request for Uber, so I can tell...
  6. Pax Collector

    SFMTA to ban cabs from picking up at SFO

    SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – Taxi drivers on Thursday will ask to speak with San Francisco Mayor London Breed about a decision by the city’s transit agency that is expected to put 60 percent of the drivers out of work, according to advocates. The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency has...
  7. T

    Uber fees more than driver pay

    i had this pool trip from downtown sf to sfo and surprisingly found out that uber fees was actually alomst double the driver
  8. C

    Requesting UberX with car seat / Private arrangement SFO->Cupertino

    Folks, I am a parent that needs an Uber ride from SFO to Cupertino at 9:00am on Sunday (Dec 30th). We have a 2 yr old who needs a car seat. Uber help says that I can request a car seat using the app by selecting UberX. I do not see any such option on my app. Call to Uber hotline was useless :(...
  9. Dhr94080

    For Drivers who are fed up!

    Its painful coming on here these days seeing the more ever increasing problems induced by Uber and Lyft! I haven't been in here in awhile but ummm not looking very promising for your future as a ride share driver! Glad I work a regular job now. But ummm I thought I would pass along my lawyers...
  10. Dhr94080

    Lyft up to its same old pay games!

    Getting tired of Uber and Lyft? Start flying paper at them and start talking to their attorneies! Copied email: Your request (124584278) has been updated. To add additional comments, reply to this email. Devin (Lyft) Aug 20, 4:42 PM PDT Hi David, At the request of the Lyft attorney you...
  11. GypsyJoker

    SFO Fines Out of Control?

    Uber drivers say SFO tickets unfair By Carolyn Said Gabrielle Lurie / The Chronicle Uber driver Mustafa Ayubi waits in the San Francisco International Airport ride-hail lot with his car, which displays an Uber decal. Gabrielle Lurie / The Chronicle Mustafa Ayubi say he has been cited for...
  12. Dhr94080


    I finally had enough today of Ubers bull st today! So, this whole ticketing fines that seem to hit your account months later will have its day in court! So, I signed on today after not driving for Uber since March in protest of the ticket they sent me 5 months later! So, I thought well, I will...
  13. G

    SFO TNC Lot heads up

    Photos are being taken of the license plates of those taking the "shortcut" through the gas station on the right hand side as you're coming up to the entrance of the TNC lot. As far as I'm aware, there isn't a sign that says any of us shouldn't drive through it to turn around to go to the...
  14. Mewber

    SFO Lot Geo Fence

    Feeling a little blue about the new SFO Rideshare lot location. I just do not know where to go if I can't get in either lot. I have tried heading over to In & Out but I lose my place in the que......I think. Does anyone know how far we can roam? Any pointers?
  15. UberXking

    Lot @ SFO full of damaged cars and many with expired registration.

    SFO lot is full of drivers that break the rules Nearly every car is in the lot for longer than the maximum (30 min) posted Many have fallen asleep having drivin from as far south as San Diego. This results in the lot often being filled to capacity forcing 100’s of drivers to circle the...
  16. U

    Surge missing from trips SF

    I updated my Uber driver app today and then started getting trips that were in serge zones that didn’t show up on the bill. Did anyone else have this problem? Sf Bay Area sfo
  17. empresstabitha

    Make sure you're in compliance at SFO. They're checking.

    So, a representative from Lyft, the CPUC, and police officers are at the SFO lot today making sure people are in compliance. If you're not they're handing out tickets and I don't know what the Lyft representative is doing. Here's the fliers they're handing out. Here's the CPUC guy and the...
  18. JAllStar

    Drop off at SFO then can't get pins?

    It's my 2nd time today that I finished drop off at SFO but can't get a request. I even risk my self ticket waited a little bit(2-5min) at curbs. I check rider app and I was there. Any one has same situation or has some insights? It's really pissing me off.
  19. B

    Early morning rides

    will be needing ride to sfo around 4a.m. Thursday morning are there drivers at that hour around the 94595 zip code area?
  20. Lyft_94110

    Full lot at SFO last night

    I gave a ride to SFO last night and went to the TNC lot afterward. It was packed, and the Lyft app said the queue was 80+. (It doesn't go higher than 80.) Of course, I left, because waiting for a queue that large would take at least an hour. But what I wondered, as I pulled out of the lot and...