sf bay area

  1. B

    2K in one Week in the Bay Area

    Hey guys 5stars full time driver makes 2000$/ 34$ an Hour in the Bay Area / Let me know what you guys think
  2. Pax Collector

    Whoa never seen this before.

    Did everyone quit this morning or what? Lol
  3. wevans

    Drive in Fremont a lot?

    I'm a reporter and I'd like to talk to folks who drive Lyft in Fremont, CA. Thanks!
  4. Xalser

    Changing Lyft Driving Area

    Hi, I am a new Lyft driver. I am currently listed as a Sacramento area driver but am considering switching to San Fran. I live right between San Fran and Sac in Fairfield. Is there any way to find/compare the Power Driver, Power Zones? Is anyone here a Lyft driver for San Fran and can you...
  5. sfbaydrvr

    Hello from from SF Bay Area

    I've been driving for Uber for 2 months now. I mainly drive in the East Bay (Oakland and Berkeley) but occasionally SF. Any other SF Bay riders on here?
  6. RideShareJUNKIE

    They got some nerve............

    I assume all you guys out in the bay area got this? Pisses me off......(nothing new)! Oh sure Ill take you from OAK--->SF on Friday at 5:30pm, on a UBER POOL for $13-15 Dollars including Toll. Which drivers actually accept these ridiculous requests? I almost Choked a ridiculous, ignorant...
  7. RideShareJUNKIE

    Berkeley +Lyft= don't bother.

    A monumental day of personal achievement ( this is the worst/slowest I've experienced in a year): Lyft: Online time: 4hrs 35 min Requests received: 5 Request type: All 5 were line's Requests accepted: 3 Total payout: $28 (Of 7 pax, 1- $1 tip.) Uber: Online time: 1hr 15 min Requests received: 1...
  8. sfladriver

    How to change cities? Any one move from SF to LA or LA to SF?

    So i just moved to LA from SF. But I am still getting the SF promotions. I asked Uber cs and they seem to be saying that there is no way to change my original city. I am stuck with no weekly bonus offers for LA?
  9. Silent_Philosodriver

    Drive on and don't panic - Saw Volvo's (Uber's) Self Driving Car Test in SF

    Forgot to share this one with y'all: On Sunday evening, I saw a black 4 door car (all covered in car wrap) at a distance, Since it didn't look familiar, I kept looking. It looked like maybe the new Tesla 3, so I was able to catch up for a bit and then I see it. Once I saw the headlights, I...
  10. Silent_Philosodriver

    New Bonus - 320 rides for $1,000 on 4 weeks in SF

    So, I got the offer (email, NOT text) of doing 4 weeks of 80 rides each for an EXTRA $1000 (meaning, PDB + this) But it has to be continuous weeks in SF. Payable on 7/14 What you peeps say? hope its not a very long con. Screenshot attached. Hmmm.. it looks like my indented servitude for...
  11. tdsu

    San Francisco Saturday Night!!

    It is with a heavy heart that I leave my comfortable home and hit the streets of San Francisco to ferry around a bunch of drunks. In just a few minutes, I will answer the same questions that I've answered 100x before, I will tell the same stories that I've told countless other times, I will...
  12. Silent_Philosodriver

    If UBER wanted to kill Surge for Drivers - It's totally working!

    So, is its just me and the meds? or has pretty much Uber Surge evaporated in SF for the last 4 Mornings this week? I think it lasts briefly from 8:30am to 9:30am and then poof! Gone for the rest of the morning. Then the 4pm-7pm rush was only limited to a very few spots and it looked like a...