1. ANThonyBoreDaneCook

    Lost Loves, Selfish Thoughts & Dodged Bullets

    It finally happened I watched an ex walk (waddle) across an intersection while I was completing an Uber ride She was beautiful when I left 2 years ago She gained 100 lbs Her new boyfriend was of equal size My initial selfish thought was "hahahahahahahahaha I WIN!!!!!" But then I instantly...
  2. BurgerTiime

    Driverless cars will lead to more sex on the road, study says

    Full: Driverless cars will have a transformative impact on the future, shaking up certain industries and changing the way people live and work. They’re also going to change the way people have sex, according to a new study. With the relative privacy...
  3. BurgerTiime

    UBER DRIVER RECORDED ASKING PASSENGER FOR SEX Uber has fired a Houston area driver after he's seen on camera, asking a passenger for sex. Madison Campos said she called for an Uber on May 23 to pick her up from an eyelash appointment. The driver picked...
  4. OMW2FYB

    Lyft driver kidnapped

    Some racist lyft driver takes man to Aberdeen and then didn't want a round trip. Smh. Stupid lyft drivers
  5. BurgerTiime

    Another reason to reject unaccompanied minors Man Arrested after Arranging Uber Take ’14-Year-Old Girl’ to His Grandparents’ House for Sex Luckily the police were in on it but if it were the real...
  6. UberXking

    What to do when sexually harassed while Ubering......

    I was just thinking about this landslide of personalities having their life ruined by acting like they have since jr. high. Looking at them now it’s pretty gross. 30 years ago, if the proportioned was of age, their may be reasonable doubt and if so it wasn’t reported. Just thinking Then it...
  7. Wraiththe

    Bad riders, does it hurt me to rate them poorly (some examples)

    Hi, Don't like to complain, but this week I have learned a few things. 1 is to not end a ride until you are driving away. 1) 1 passenger was stupid drunk... took me to a closed location on a lake and then would not get out of the car, did not know who he was or where he lived.. had to get the...
  8. BurgerTiime

    Uber pledges $5 million to sexual assault prevention
  9. Bill$10

    Grossed Out!

    I have been reading post for some while now, never making an account but after last night I felt compelled. Two gross rides: Now im no prude but this one young couple gets in my car wreaking of booze and sex. You could tell they just finished a session. All I could hear on the way home where...
  10. QLDUberDriver

    Uber advertising on Tinder - Poor timing?

    Just saw today a profile on Tinder advertising Uber. If you ladies didnt get scared with the latest sexual assaults from those Uber drivers, then you can be assured to feel loved if your Tinder date doesnt work out. An Uber driver will be happy to pick up where the date left off lol. Apart from...
  11. BurgerTiime

    Uber/Lyft passed 51 registered sex offenders Shocking results of newly mandated background checks in Massachusetts for drivers of ride-hailing services like Uber and Lyft have many advocates and lawmakers...

    Full Moon Back Seat Porno Flick

    It must have been the effects of full moon on my riders the other night (And the alcohol they had been drinking) that made for an interesting night. I was hailed by the attention getting chirp of the Uber alarm going off and summoned to a location where a concert had just ended. After several...
  13. Riders Champion


    In case you find yourself in a moral dilemma, remember this: "NSW law says consent is not possible while a person is substantially intoxicated." Read more at
  14. BurgerTiime

    Sex offender has active Uber account
  15. H

    Have you ever made a pax friend?

    I had a rider who did Uber for a year before it blew all the way up. He said he made friends that he still keeps in touch with. The guy was about 49 and handsome as heck. We had a good talk with another pool passenger. I was still surprised he developed such intimate relationships with so many...
  16. Ben105

    First night driving only for Lyft and...OMG!

    So Lyft hasn't been very lucrative for me since I started driving a few months ago. Though tonight I thought I'd try driving only for Lyft from 9p until 3a trying to get the guaranteed minimums. Up until tonight, I ran both apps simultaneously. I actually was receiving pings pretty regular...
  17. D

    Guys, don’t try to take advantage of drunk female riders.

    (This also goes for drunk male riders. This story happens to be about a male driver and a female rider.) Sadly I feel the need to share this story as a reminder of minimum moral standards that everyone should adhere to. Picked up three college-age female tourists right at Hollywood and...
  18. NewAge82

    What is the worst driving experience you have ever had?

    I had to kick out a female pax last week because she asked me in the middle of our ride if I could come up stairs with her and stay the night. NO WAY!!!! She was very drunk. I'm not going to be accused of rape. Turned on the dash cam & drove her to the address in the app. She cursed me out and...
  19. UberTaxPro

    Florida Uber driver arrested for exchanging a ride in his vehicle for oral sex