1. W

    Can I specify the number of seats available since I have a rider of my own?

    Going for a pretty long drive to a place I plan to visit with my wife. I am contemplating picking up some riders along the way. Can I specify the number of seats available for this particular trip? Is there a setting I can set in my app?
  2. Phasmatrope

    ANYTHING good about Uber's new version?

    So I drove yesterday for the first time in about a month, and noticed that Uber had inexplicably changed their app. Like, completely. I know both it and Lyft have done upgrades before, but never this much. The interface is different, I'm not seeing ANY notice of potential bonuses for the day on...
  3. Je0426

    Uber disable pool ride option?

    Any way to disable pool ride requests? It doesn’t pay for me to take them and my continual ‘No thanks’ seems to be killing my acceptance rate.
  4. Carini

    Watch your phone settings!!

    I went to put on the app thinking I could get a few early morning rides in and when I did I was told to update, which I did. When it completed as I clicked back on it and was asked if I gave Uber permission to use my phones mic!! What The FUNK!??? I said no and after checking the Uber settings...