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service fee

  1. P

    Service fee percentage

    As of yesterday in Orange County, we were supposed to get a rate increase in our pay. Though the trips I made last night reflects an increase in pay, there is nothing that makes sense about the percentage. Nothing is jiving. The mileage and time appear at 2 different percentage rates...vastly...
  2. Gasguzzler12

    New “service fee”...time to switch to Lyft.

    This revelation really stings...especially since my passenger was pissed his fare was so high even though there was no surge or anything. Getting 24.00 for a 68 dollar trip is outrageous
  3. Jack Malarkey

    Many Ola drivers moving to 15% commission

    Many (but by no means all) Ola drivers yesterday (Thursday 6 July 2018) received the following email advising them that, effective Friday 6 July at 2.00 pm, they would be paying Ola’s standard commission rate of 15% rather than the introductory rate of 7.5%: Dear # # Thanks in large part to...
  4. Jack Malarkey

    Ola commission rate clarification

    Hugh from Canberra Ola attended rideshare lunch today (Thursday 24 May 2018) to meet with drivers. Hugh helpfully clarified the availability of the 7.5% commission. In particular, drivers signing up now remain eligible for the 7.5% rate. Drivers who signed up by Wednesday 18 April 2018...
  5. Phasmatrope

    When again did Uber start tipping, & where on form...

    ...does it list what those were?? This last year was my 1st one driving for ol' Travis & Uber... and the first one I understand that they allowed tips. Now, those are clearly labeled on Lyft's 1099, but of course, Uber doesn't give you a 1099 (unless you make like over $10,000). I THINK...
  6. meast703

    Service fee question from noob.

    I just started driving Uber again after stopping 2 years ago and don't understand exactly how their service fee works. I had one ride where it was roughly 24 % of what the rider paid, and another I had 40 % taken for the service fee. The smaller service fee was for a ride in surge of 2.1 and the...
  7. B

    You really want to see this! Upfront Pricing broken down

    i was really bored tonight and decided to take the spread sheet i keep and break it down a little for my own knowledge of how much uber actually takes from the total ride amount. I had long suspected it was 60%+ well my suspicions are confirmed :( on average the company takes a little over 50%...
  8. Jack Malarkey

    GoCatch introduces variable service fee etc. depending on completion status

    GoCatch sent the following email to drivers at 12.25 pm on Friday 12 January 2017: Improve Your Driver Status to Get More From GoCatch Hi Jack, Thank you for driving with us! Here at GoCatch we enjoy rewarding our top drivers and we will continue to provide opportunities for you to earn...
  9. Maven

    Comparitive NYS Rates with Surrounding Areas

    Lyft pays better than Uber in Upstate-NY, for individual trips, even though their rates are similar. Unfortunately, Lyft generates far fewer requests per hour. :( Lyft is suggested as a supplement for Uber everywhere in the region except NJ, where Lyft is more popular. Please reply with info...
  10. Lurking

    Lyft Pays More Than Uber

    In adjacent Upstate-NY, Lyft effectively pays more than Uber for identical minimum fare trips and perhaps others as well. Even though the published rates are almost identical, this is because For new drivers (6/2017), the Lyft Cut is 25%, where the Uber Cut is 30%. Lyft does not always deduct...
  11. Quatro40

    Who can tell me what is the service fee and booking fee that Uber charges

    Can you confirm the actual amounts, and they are set, not variable?
  12. T

    Uber should be sued again.....

    I don't understand where they get off thinking they can change stuff around anytime they feel like it. Last I checked they take out 25% that's it. I never signed anything stating I accept anything different. So could someone explain this image please
  13. Jack Malarkey

    Change in nomenclature

    Have you noticed that Uber is now referring to 'surge pricing' as 'dynamic pricing' and its 'commission' as a 'service fee'? I regard all four terms as accurate in a technical sense. 'Dynamic pricing' is the general term used for pricing that varies according to demand. It is used, for...
  14. Mark Johnson

    GoGoGrandparent...Would you accept this ride?

    Anyone heard of or gotten a request from them before? Apparently they are a 3rd-party that help elderly non-tech savvy people get Uber rides and charge a $0.19/min from the second the request is made until the trip is over. Would you accept a request from these guys? Do you think they are...
  15. W

    Death of Uber Eats (Read For New Service Fee)

    Almost a dollar less per pickup....24 cents less per mile...and now a service fee of 35%!!! Nearly doubled... No more hourly guarantees... RIP UberEats 1/16/17
  16. K

    Contracts to drive Uber

    I received through my partner app 3 documents that need to be agreed to before driving. I want to send them to my legal shield provider firm to review but can't figure out how to get them for either printing or download to email. Is anyone familiar with the Service Fee Addendum, IL Addendum and...
  17. Dback2004

    Service Fee Screwup (or screwover?)

    So according to the January 9, 2016 service fee addendum, Uber's cut is being raised to 28% unless you were an active driver before 9/18/2015 in which case it stays at 20%. I went active in July when they first launched, but they're still taking that extra 8% out of my pay. They did this last...
  18. JerseyBoy911

    This part of the new agreement? ?

    Saw this and I'm like...what in seven hells is this?? I read something that they can change the "service fee" at anytime... is this it? I mean I know we don't get/pay it but I wonder if the pax are aware...I know they didn't have to agree to a new set of agreements on customer app. This is...