service animals

  1. D Town

    Uber Settles with The National Federation of the Blind

    SAN FRANCISCO —Uber and advocates for the blind have reached a lawsuit settlement in which the ride-hailing company agrees to require that existing and new drivers confirm they understand their legal obligations to transport riders with guide dogs or other service animals, an advocacy group...
  2. S

    Oh the Irony...

    So, we're "legally required to provide transportation services" to people with service animals. ... But we're illegal in VIC. Irony much? I'd still rather not transport animals any day, to be honest.
  3. OCDodgerFan

    Turned down a sweet fare... because of a dog.

    So, I'm waiting for my turn to pick up at John Wayne Airport, when I get a hit from a nearby hotel. I get there, and there's this too-skinny, Botox-lipped Eastern European woman with a suitcase. She says she's going to Los Angeles (Automatically, I think LAX), but as I'm loading her stuff into...
  4. sameena kreuz

    Allergies and pets

    Hi. My name is Sam. Been Ubering on and off since my father became ill last year. He died end of March 2015. Now, I Uber until I pass the bar exam. One thing that is getting me worried is Uber's policy on service animals. I have a known allergy to animal dander. I can't stop sneezing. It...