service animals

  1. Jack Malarkey

    Uber guide dog refusals in Canberra

    Canberra Times MARCH 2 2020 - 4:30 am 'I'm a human being': Man calls for better Uber driver education after guide dog refusals Blake Foden A Canberra man has called...
  2. masterdon211

    U.S. seeks to redefine "service animals" By David Shepardson WASHINGTON, Jan 22 (Reuters) - The U.S. Transportation Department on Wednesday proposed new rules aimed at preventing passengers from falsely claiming their pets are service animals aboard U.S...
  3. Mista T

    Fun and Games with Uber

    FOR SALE, LIMITED TIME ONLY! AUTHENTIC SERVICE ANIMAL VESTS, FOR SALE!! Attention Uber and Lyft passengers! For a limited time, we now have Service Animal vests for sale! These vests are either hand made or machine made by fine women and children in SE Asia and/or the Middle East. They will...
  4. BigRedDriver

    Hit the trifecta today!

    First Call: High School Student, obviously under 18, going to school WITH HER MOTHER. Second Call: Picked up Lady and her infant at a Hotel. HAD A CAR SEAT! Third Call: Woman with a Service dog......WITH A BLANKET TO PUT OVER THE SEAT! Not a bad start to an amazingly slow day.
  5. MikeNY

    How do you react to a PAX with a dog

  6. Jack Malarkey

    New legislative framework for assistance animals in ACT Extract from ACT Government media release: New laws to promote respect and care for animals in the ACT Released...
  7. Mista T

    No sense of humor

    Business was slow yesterday so I stopped at a Mexican food place to eat. Right after I got my food the wife calls and says there is a movie at the theater, starting very soon, wanna go? Sure. Wrapped up my food, jetted out. I knew there would be 15 minutes of previews, I could wolf down my food...
  8. Jack Malarkey

    Blind man refused transport service in Canberra Article in the Canberra Times by Finbar O’Mallon. First three paragraphs: A blind man refused service by a taxi driver because of his guide...
  9. R

    Seeking legal recourse for service animal fraud by PAX resulting in deactivation from Uber

    I was wrongly deactivated from Uber because a PAX lied and said that I refused a service animal. The PAX never indicated that the dog was anything other than a pet and I didn't want the wet and dirty dog to get into my car. It was raining outside. The PAX also indicated that it was ok to...
  10. Mista T

    An actual service dog

    Gave a ride today to a woman with a service dog. I could tell immediately that it was legit. Before getting in, she asked me where was I okay with the dog. I have a Fit, and put the back seats up so it could sit on the floor. Surprisingly, it was a simple, plain vanilla experience
  11. Da Ub

    Has anyone .....

    had a “service dog” scratch their leather seat? Will Uber do anything as I am about to submit a case
  12. Halfmybrain

    Will Uber pay out the wazoo for mandatory animals?

    *Not my car I think Uber makes us pick up riders with potential service animals, because of state laws prohibiting discriminiation. So even "Is that a service animal?" is forbidden. In this driver's case (see pic), do they have Uber by the short hairs to replace the whole back seat, scratched...
  13. Mista T

    Well behaved service animal

    Took some kids to an Alice in Wonderland party at the Crystal. They had a service dog, but it sat up front and was extremely well behaved. I even took a picture of it.
  14. Pawtism

    The Ultimate Service Dog Guide!

    Here it is! The ultimate service dog guide (it's long, you've been warned hehe). The result of years of education and training on the ADA (with a focus on service dogs for obvious reasons), and the culmination of many, many posts here on the subject. Title III of the ADA: Public Accommodations...
  15. Jack Malarkey

    Assistance animals

    Uber has included the above in-app message about assistance animals. The link takes you to Uber’s Assistance Animal Policy (Australia/New Zealand): This policy was last updated on 7 July 2017. This policy includes a statement...
  16. 1WhiteTiger

    Taking a Pony to the Movies

    I got a ride request and a young lady texted me to tell me she had a LARGE service dog. I texted her back to let her know I have a SMALL car (Nissan Juke). She responded: “No problem”. When I got there, she brought out a harlequin GREAT DANE!! :eek: This was not a dog, it was a small pony...
  17. Yam Digger

    Fake Service Animals Galore! 'They're s---ing all over': Scenes from a world taken over by fake service animals In-flight dog attacks, Wal-Marts splattered with poop and, yes, dogs with emotional support dogs...
  18. Mista T

    Turkey day ride

    Took a Lyft today, over the river and through the woods, to grandmother's house. The driver was blind, but it was okay because their service dog rode up front. On a serious note, saw lots of law enforcement out looking for speeders and drunks. Watch out for speed traps if you drive this...
  19. Coffeekeepsmedriving

    I received this email today..Accepting riders with service animals

    You can help people with disabilities by welcoming their service animals into your car. The Americans with Disabilities Act, or ADA, prohibits discrimination of any kind against people with disabilities and their service animals. In accordance with this law and Uber’s policies, refusal to...
  20. Maven

    Advice For New Drivers

    Start by reading and⭐️-⭐️-⭐️-⭐️-⭐️.149152/ New York State specific information Rates, UberEats, Surcharges, Surges, Boosts, and Promotions See...