1. gaaraisgod

    Anyone run into this issue?

    The camera is otherwise fine. I can take selfies but I'm a dumbass so I can't find the in-app chat.
  2. Waingro

    Uber Pool PAX using Third Party Accounts for Rides. Are they Banned or trying to Hide?

    I have noticed lately that a frequent number of rides are with someone else's account. Why would they do this? The fares are not that large however when I ask them about if they have an account I hear a strange silence or a mumble, credit, power ....excuse.. Am I making a big deal about this or...
  3. Jack Malarkey

    Ola testing new selfie requirement

    In-app message sent by Ola on Tuesday 13 August 2019: Ola will be testing a new feature. You might see something different appear in your driver app. What is the NEW feature? To ensure customer and driver safety, we are launching a new feature. In this feature you can click a selfie and...
  4. S

    Petition Driver Photo Selfie Verification

    Who can do anything to get UBER to remove/opt-me-out of their new "security" feature? Read details below on my position. Then respond to, "What's your position on this feature, and why?" This new (Sept.-Nov. 2016) Uber security policy for UBER Drivers' "Real-Time ID Checks" is both sexually...