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    Video of self driving car hitting pedestrian- police tweet

    It's not clear, but it is disturbing: The person behind the wheel had their eyes off rhe road for a moment... There seemed to be no time to react. Isn't that why they wantes self-driving cars? To take out human error and minimize the...
  2. Michael - Cleveland

    Competing With the Giants in Race to Build Self-Driving Cars - NY Times 4 Jan Competing With the Giants in Race to Build Self-Driving Cars New York Times - 4 Jan 2018 by CADE METZ PALO ALTO, Calif. — Before the car can drive without a human, one must first get behind the wheel. As the driver...
  3. tomatopaste

    To understand Uber's predicament, you have to understand self-driving cars.

    When Uber launched in 2009, self-driving cars were still stuff of science fiction. In fact self-driving cars caught Uber off guard. About two years ago smart people around the world began to realize - hey this thing is really going to work. Two years ago is also when Uber began their doomed...
  4. Maven

    Autonomous Parking Garage July 24 2017 by Ryan Felton Daimler And Bosch Create Autonomous Parking Garage To Imagine A Valet Service Of The Future Photo: Daimler Parking is a tedious task, and frankly most humans just aren’t very good...
  5. Maven

    Must Bikes & SDCs Talk for Safety?

    NPR all Tech Considered July 24, 2017 by Margaret J. Krauss Bikes May Have To Talk To Self-Driving Cars For Safety's Sake Anthony Rowe, an associate professor at...
  6. Maven

    SDC Corporate Bloodbaths

    Take heart all you little guys (I include myself) like Uber drivers and those that hate corporate America for the ways they mistreat little guys. The fun is about to start! It will be better than the ancient gladiatorial battles in the Roman Colosseum. Maybe even better that Terminator 2...
  7. Maven

    Giant Uber Parking Lots

    Your Former Sears May Soon Be a Giant Parking Lot for Uber Drivers and Amazon Workers TheStreet Jun 3, 2017 by Lindsay Rittenhouse Here comes a parking lot full of Uber drivers next to the former Sears (SHLD) . "The growth of e-commerce and the increasing emphasis on delivery speed as well as...
  8. financeguy13

    Surprise Uber! Another criminal investigation

    Judge Alsup referred the Uber trade secret theft case to a US District Attorney for a possible criminal investigation. It's not clear which DA, if any, will pursue a criminal investigation. I imagine if that happens then all the records that Uber is withholding in the Waymo vs Uber case will be...
  9. LoveTheBlues

    Uber isn't sure if it can 'remain a viable business' without building self-driving cars

    So if you've wondered why Uber doesn't seem to care enough to try to keep drivers happy, this should put that question to rest. If you're to believe Uber's lawyers, the fate of the $69 billion company is tied up in one bidfrom an opponent trying to stop its work on self-driving cars. Waymo...
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    AutoX, a self-driving car prototype, gets its own YouTube channel (AutoXTV), web site featuring this video and YouTube Magazine
  11. Maven

    AI genius leaves Princeton lab to beat Uber, Google, and Intel

    Business Insider - March 18 2017 - In the spring of 2016, Dr. Jianxiong Xiao — affectionately known among students and staff as "Professor X" — said goodbye to his plum professorship at Princeton and his post as the founding director of the school's Computer Vision and Robotics Labs. By the...
  12. Booyah

    Reporter looking to talk to drivers about Uber's self-driving pilot

    I'm looking for drivers to talk to about whether they are at all nervous about Uber's self-driving pilot and/or their future with Uber. I'm at [email protected] Thanks!
  13. dubz

    UBER to severely infringe upon our remaining privacy

    Uber’s Testing A New Feature That Tracks Erratic Driving... The hell if this doesn't make us employees.
  14. eman1122

    Google Not Too Pleased With New Self-Driving Car Regulation Looks like Uber will still have to pay someone if they want to use self-driving cars for their platform. At least it looks to be that way for the near future.
  15. eman1122

    Something to Lighten Up Your Friday Have fun with this.
  16. JaxBeachDriver

    Driverless "Pods" in the Netherlands First driverless pods to travel public roads arrive in the Netherlands By Madhumita Murgia 11:06AM BST 21 Sep 2015 The first self-driving electric shuttle for use on...