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  1. beebob

    Waymo Set to Bring a Motor City Plant Back to Life to Manufacture Driverless Cars

    The birthplace of America’s auto industry and driving culture will soon have one of the world’s first plants making driverless cars. Alphabet’s Waymo has picked an idled American Axle & Manufacturing Holdings facility in Detroit as the site where it will equip vehicles made by Fiat Chrysler...
  2. beebob tests robo-taxi program on its employees, promises self-driving trucks next Guangzhou, China-based self-driving startup is joining an exclusive club of companies that have launched autonomous ride-hailing programs. At this year’s...
  3. BurgerTiime

    The ugly truth about L.I.D.A.R

  4. Gulfstream Echo Niner

    What's Apple's Plan for Autonomous Driving?

    “.......because companies have to register their autonomous vehicles with the California DMV, we know that Apple continues to increase both the number of its drivers and the number of its test cars. As of September, it had 70 autonomous driving vehicles on the road. To put that in comparison...
  5. UberLyftFlexWhatever

    The dawn of self-driving companies

    Rolls-Royce has publicly demonstrated what it calls the “world’s first fully autonomous ferry,” during a trip between Parainen and Nauvo in Finland.
  6. Queenslander

    The very human challenge of safe driving

    The very human challenge of safe driving By John Krafcik, CEO Medium - Nov 5 At Waymo, our safety culture is core to everything we do. We have carefully developed our testing program in the past decade and over 10 million miles. Every day, our vehicles are testing in our private test facility...
  7. BurgerTiime

    Waymo has been granted the first permit to start fully autonomous rides

    Full story: Waymo, which is preparing to launch the first driverless ride-hailing program in the U.S., has become the first company approved to test autonomous vehicles without safety...
  8. UberPotomac

    Self driving Lyft Ride

  9. tomatopaste

    Uber’s Self-Driving Car Didn’t Malfunction, It Was Just Bad

    Uber’s software prevented its system from hitting the brakes if that action was expected to cause a deceleration of faster than 6.5 meters per second. That is to say, in an emergency, the computer could not brake. “According to Uber, emergency braking maneuvers are not enabled while the vehicle...
  10. Karl Marx

    Pentagon to beat Uber, Tesla in race over self-driving vehicles.
  11. Lowestformofwit

    Really good article on the current realities of self-driving cars

    Lengthy, but well worth reading. Don’t hang up your driving gloves just yet! “The Half-Life Of Danger: The Truth Behind The Tesla Model X Crash - The Drive”
  12. tomatopaste

    Uber is not fixable

    What if Uber doubled fares, then Uber would be a good job, right? Wrong. If Uber doubled fares it would attract three times as many drivers all vying for an even smaller customer base? Ok, so what if Uber doubled fares and capped the number of drivers? Yes, that would have worked three years...
  13. tomatopaste

    The Most Important Self-Driving Car Announcement Yet Waymo will be capable of doing vast numbers of trips per day. They estimate that the Jaguar fleet alone will be capable of doing a million trips each day in 2020. But the...
  14. BurgerTiime

    Uber stops AV testing “indefinitely” in California, Pennsylvania, and Toronto

    Uber pulls out of all self-driving-car testing in California Sharing Button&utm_medium=social Updated other states...
  15. IERide

    Here is why you don't need to worry about being replaced by Self Driving Cars (read this)

    A lot of the know-it-alls here at UP have decreed that Uber will be replacing all of us drivers with Self Driving Cars any day now. But let me point out a few reasons why it's going to be a while before any of us gets replaced by an Uberbot. 1) The technology isn't there yet: Many will argue...
  16. mghtyred

    UBER's self driving car kills it's fisrt human: Uber self-driving car fatally hits pedestrian in Arizona By BLOOMBERG MAR 19, 2018 | 10:25 AM An Uber driverless car is parked in a garage in San Francisco in 2016. (Eric Risberg / Associated Press)...
  17. BurgerTiime

    Driver caught on video; Uber self-driving car crashes into another car in Pittsburgh

    Facebook video: An Uber self-driving car collided with another vehicle in Pittsburgh on February 24 in an incident first reported by Pittsburgh's channel 11last week. No one was seriously injured, but the...
  18. BurgerTiime

    Uber Settles Waymo Driverless Car Suit, Said to Pay $245 Million organic&utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&cmpid==socialflow-twitter-tech Uber Technologies Inc. settled the high-stakes...
  19. tomatopaste

    Quest to dominate self-driving cars is at the heart of Waymo v. Uber trial

    Still, if Waymo can prove that Uber is liable and improperly used its trade secrets, Uber could be on the hook for billions of dollars—potentially a sizeable blow to a company that has already lost billions as it aggressively expands globally. If Uber loses at trial and also loses on appeal, it...
  20. Fostel

    OK, hybrid and electric vehicles supporters...

    check this out!!