self defense

  1. BurgerTiime

    Being out ridesharing late at night is one of the “rules of stupid”

  2. Mista T

    What's in your vehicle for self defense

    Uber says "no guns". Lyft says "no weapons", and only they get to decide what is a weapon (how convenient). I am guessing that a good 90%+ of drivers that have been doing this over a month have SOMETHING to protect themselves. I don't want anyone to confess to having anything that may get...
  3. Mattio41

    Carrying Stun Guns and Tasers in NJ

    In one of my facebook groups I belong to, a question was asked about the legality of carrying a stun gun for self defense while driving for Uber. I thought I would share a summary that was written, and posted by Evan Nappen, the most foreknown Firearms attorney in NJ. Dissertation was written by...
  4. AvengingxxAngel

    Driver self defense suggestions

    When I get bored I usually nosey around on the U.S forums, a topic they raise often is driver self defense. Found this video, and thought it'd be a good topic to bring up for discussion.
  5. eeg0031

    Protecting yourself: What do you carry with you?

    I'm interested to learn what you guys keep in your cars to protect yourselves in the event a passenger gets weird, and why you prefer that particular item. Taser? Firearm? Pepper spray? Baseball bat? I personally keep a taser to hand at all times. I feel more comfortable using it in the small...
  6. DMD

    Self-Defense Seminar and Luncheon

    Hi fellow rideshare drivers. The Southfield Area Chamber of Commerce and Safety First Technology are co-sponsoring a Self-Defense Seminar and Luncheon this Friday May 19, 2017 from 12:30 pm-2:30 pm. We rideshare drivers are constantly in situations where we might fear for our personal...
  7. D

    Self defense tools and weapons

    As an uber driver you let strangers into your car so the chances of coming across someone who is a threat is much higher than normal- this is still the x <.01% of the pax you pick up but its still your health or life. weapon / tool ideas A inside facing dash cam will be worth its weight in...
  8. MikesUber

    Just Got My Pepper Gel - Do you carry Pepper Spray/Gel?

    Hello UberPeople, Just received my Sabre Pepper Gel yesterday. Currently 150 trips in since Halloween and have had no issues with violent passengers; I still recommend carrying pepper spray/gel in your vehicle just in case. We all hope to never use these products but without them you are much...