select only; xl only

  1. Mal&me

    XL or Select??

    If you were to upgrade from X, will you get a car the can do Select or a minivan to do XL? Its a legit question from an XL driver from Puerto Rico with 3500 rides in 8 months who is about to get a car and knows no one here that can advise him properly. I know some vehicles can do both, but the...
  2. M

    Premier Only Profile, where is it?

    I have a car that qualifies for both Uber Select and Lyft Premier. Uber set me up with both "profiles" and I can happily do select rides. My "Mentor" said that his would be setup on Lyft but I can't find it. Sorry for such a noob question but Lyft's help page sucks. Could a Lyft Premier...
  3. leonlee8192

    SELECT ONLY request from ALL of us.

    Hi Guys UBER canceled SELECT ONLY and XL ONLY this Monday saying it is to own good for more money. I understand the decision was made, but just wonder us sticking together would make a difference. Could we sign up here for a petition? Everyone who wants get SELECT ONLY or XL ONLY, please put...