1. IDriveGNV

    I don't want to be on camera!

    After reflecting on my worst pax to date, the vast majority of them announced themselves to be problem pax at the beginning by showing a reluctance to be surveilled by my security dashcam. I'm considering declining to begin the trip when this occurs. I believe I'm within my rights to do so...
  2. Uguy22

    74 ones shot, 5 cases solved

    this is the Wild Wild West all over again, XXI century style. Whom are we kidding here? Sorry but the mayor and his administration need to be sacked Right now. I respect the police officers who are putting their life everyday trying to improve the seeing the city however their bosses have to go...
  3. Grubhub513

    Save Hundreds by Turning your Phone into a Dashcam

    Let's face it, there are people out there who shouldn't be driving. Those people are going to be the same ones who cause an accident, blame you, and end up making you pay half or more. There are many great video streaming platforms which have channels dedicated to automotive dash cam incidents...
  4. BurgerTiime

    An Uber driver trying to hand in a petition was tackled by security at Uber HQ

    Full story: An Uber driver attempting to deliver a petition to the ride hailing company's headquarters in San Francisco was tackled and brought to the ground by a security officer...
  5. gambler1621

    How to protect yourself from false accusations.

    So, I had a rider today who claimed to be a Safety & Security Investigator with Uber. The ride took place a very long distance from San Francisco. He was visiting from SF. Based on our conversation unrelated to his position, I believe him. When I told him how I protect myself from false...
  6. KingEsmo

    Don’t call or text this number.

    the gate code is **** call this number ***-***-**** when you're close, I will come out. It’s a form of phishing/hacking. Only use the call customer button in the app pls. If they don’t answer that number hit that customer did not answer the phone button. Never dial outside the app.
  7. Raven Connected

    Raven: An all-in-one connected car dashcam, perfect for Uber drivers

    Hi drivers, When it comes to driving, we know that safety is top of mind, so we feel that Raven is a connected dashcam and security system perfectly suited to rideshare drivers like you. The Raven device-app lets your loved ones track your journeys and the conditions you face both inside and...
  8. W

    Got a call from Uber support at 1:00AM

    After a last ride I turned on home mode ready to go home, then a got a ride request from nearby, I accepted the ride, and then, 1 minute late, I got a call, the caller claimed he's from Uber support, and I was chosen to be asked for some security question, he then instructed me to cancel the...
  9. J

    Safety and security

    What do you drivers do to stay safe while driving? Do you carry anything like pepper spray or tasers? Do you have in-cabin cameras to record passengers?
  10. T

    Hardrock stadium in South Florida

    Hey guys, I've looked around but can't find any info. So I know Uber has a pick up/drop off spot but what about Lyft? Do we just cruise in and pick up? Problems with cops/security? Any info would be great. Thanks!
  11. MyOwnUber

    Would you use a free dashcam?

    Why should anyone complain of a video cam? But maybe you have other ideas. I'm only stating if it were "free" because we are all interested in keeping our costs down.
  12. wprosser2008

    HELP! How do I force a logout remotely?

    Yesterday while I was at work, I got a notice saying I had money, which I thought was odd. Turns out while I was working (an hour drive away from my nearest city) I had apparently picked up a rider and took them on a 4 hour trip. The thief changed the instant pay cc to theirs and took the...
  13. Jk&Mike

    Uber Partner App's interesting new feature

    Get a lot of pings. Really a lot. Only if you go above 100km/hr. Those on the expressway try it now. Make sure no speed cameras or TPs around!!!
  14. New2This

    Area to avoid

    Just dropped at Ritz Carlton on 23rd Street. Avoid the area. It's a nightmare. Vice President Mike Pence is speaking at an engagement at the hotel, and Secret Service has it blocked off. #[email protected]%#&
  15. T

    Phishing in Greenville SC Area

    I just accepted a ride and seconds later a gentleman claiming to be from Uber security called me via the app. He claimed that the right I had accepted have been red flagged in the system for a stolen credit card and told me I should cancel it at no charge to the rider. In addition he told me for...
  16. QLDUberDriver

    UBER drivers may be forced to install cameras

    Sourced from Courier Mail: Uber CCTV flagged by Queensland parliamentary committee UBER drivers may be forced to install cameras in their private cars to...
  17. BurgerTiime

    Is it time to disregard Ubers policy and pack heat?

    Uber driver held at gunpoint, forced to drive robber in Lexington Police: Man tried to rob Uber driver in Woodbridge MAN ACCUSED OF BEATING...
  18. M

    Wannabe cop at PC tells me I can't be on campus

    Pick up some kids near PC and they wanted to be dropped off on campus, it was about 25 degrees, had to scan a card to get in, brought them to the dorm building and immediately had another fair come in. A security officer saw me and said uber couldn't be on campus, and that I could get banned...
  19. SuzeCB

    Account Security Issue
  20. Sfla415guy

    Uber Has Reset My Password Almost Everyday for Last 2 Weeks... anyone else?

    For almost 2 weeks now I get an automated email ,usually early evening, stating that Uber has reset my password due to new security features and for my own protection... provides a link to create a new password. Started every few days, then this last week every single day, and today 2 times...