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  1. Michael - Cleveland

    Question about the Seattle Unionization case...

    They keep citing this as the first time a court has ruled that Independent Contractors can unionize... but what about unions like IBEW (electricians union) and the UA (plumbers union)? Is the issue here that those unions represent member workers to 'employers', while what the Seattle case...
  2. Z

    From UberEATS to UberX

    I am a new driver for UberEATS but now I am interested in doing UberX. I have been approved for UberEATS and didn't like it very much. I'm wondering if I have to reapply all over to do UberX or can I just email support? In addition if I have to reapply do I use the same email?
  3. T

    Driving in Olympia

    I moving from San Francisco to Olympia. Does anyone know if I need a current business license to drive in Olympia or can I start driving and add it later? Need to start driving pretty quick for income. Thx all! - Tom
  4. circle1

    For People Looking For Information About Uber

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