1. ItzMysh

    Another reason why you should have a dashcam

    Imagine if all you made that day was $100 and this shit happens. You got to protect yourself otherwise you would swallow that seatbelt ticket. I think they should give weekly eye exams to the NYPD or at least make them go for a bachelors before they do this kind of job. You potentially waste...
  2. N

    What to do when your passenger refuses to wear a seatbelt?

    I had a passenger today for a scheduled airport ride who refused to wear a seatbelt. At the beginning of the trip I asked him to fasten it, which he did. However 2 minutes later I heard it softly unclick and he un-belted himself. I then ask again, "Could you fasten the seatbelt? I have an alert...
  3. jkfitz2

    Got a ticket while waiting for rider

    This past Saturday night (7/30/17) at 2:05A I was parked in front of the Dahlia bar waiting for my rider to come out. After a few minutes, I texted him that I was out front. While I was texting, a policeman came to my window & said that I was blocking traffic. Like all over campus & downtown, it...
  4. Phasmatrope

    Canceling when pax try to cram car, and other issues

    Anyone here see a serious issue with the recent update to Lyft's cancelation policy?? As I'm sure most of you have noticed, if you try to "Cancel" a ride you've accepted, you get a warning that it'll damage your acceptance rate (which in turn damages your score, and your ability to keep...