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  1. Kurt Halfyard

    Where the Gig Economy Goes To Die...WORKAMPERS

    This is another one for Karl Marx , a year old WIRED article on the "WORKAMPERS" used by Amazon; seasonal retirees to crush their joints and get addicted to pain killers for minimum wage so that some tech worker can get his The-Girls-Of-Marvel-Comics book delivered Same-Day to his San Francisco...
  2. Monarch

    Seasonal Service Industry Uber Drivers

    Hello everyone, I am very new to this forum. Hope all is well. I find it very interesting reading all of the threads and I agree with most of them. Driving has become extremely slow. Way too many drivers here in Naples. I started December of last year and had a great season. But as time went by...
  3. Jacobb

    Doing Uber while on temporary layoff

    So I started driving with Uber about a week ago, and I just found out that I will be on a seasonal layoff for my job. I was wondering if I could still drive with Uber, even though I was collecting 70% of unemployment. I have hadn't had any success in finding an answer.