1. Chapindc

    Waymo sdc crash in arizona Lls
  2. Mista T

    Lyft has actual driverless cars in Vegas, right now

    30 of 'em.
  3. Mista T

    POLL - How will SDC ownership play out?

    Okay people, time to test your powers of prediction. How will ownership and maintenance, etc, of SDCs play out?
  4. dirtylee

    No way it could have been avoided???

    Here's an actual pic from where it happened. That video either uses a potato for a camera or was edited to make it darker.
  5. Uberdaddyo

    Operator of self-driving Uber vehicle that killed Arizona pedestrian was felon

    Uber suspended all of its self-driving testing Monday after what is believed to be the first fatal pedestrian crash involving the vehicles. The testing has been going on for months in the Phoenix area, Pittsburgh, San Francisco and Toronto as automakers and technology companies compete to be...
  6. Mista T

    First pedestrian death from a SDC
  7. dirtylee

    Will SDC increase rapes???

    Yep, they will. Think about it, what would some of your more uninhibited drunk pax do with no driver around to stop them, Date rape of course. I can't even imagine to begin to think about the Pool situation Does this handkerchief smell like chloroform to you?
  8. Chapindc

    Fuber financing sdc endeavor thorough pax upfront pricing scam

    Any thoughts? It's been on my mind for a while & frankly a pretty aggravating thought, knowing that im RAPING my car to TOTAL LOSS STATUS(no accident needed), FUBER doesn't share any of the UPFRONT PRICE given to the SCAMMED out of actual MILE & MINUTE RATE PAX, virtually no surge(I feel...
  9. Jo3030

    Uber to buy 24,000 specially-adapted Volvos in bid to develop fleet of driverless cars

    Uber to buy 24,000 specially-adapted Volvos in bid to develop fleet of driverless cars Volvo has moved up a gear in the race to perfect driverless...
  10. Maven

    Lyft Says It'll Always Have On Human Drivers In Its Network

    Same is true for Uber and others. Lyft is just better at PR and has announced first. Related: Lyft Is Now Developing Self-Driving Tech Of Its Own ___ Lyft Says It'll Always Have On Human Drivers In Its...
  11. Maven

    Autonomous Parking Garage July 24 2017 by Ryan Felton Daimler And Bosch Create Autonomous Parking Garage To Imagine A Valet Service Of The Future Photo: Daimler Parking is a tedious task, and frankly most humans just aren’t very good...
  12. Karl Marx

    Hate to boast but I've been beta testing Uber's New Self Drinking Cup this month.

    As many of you know I like to be up to date with new technologies and when I was asked to beta test the SDC I quickly said, "Yes! I'll drink to that." Google and Uber are in a ferocious race to see who can 'fill' this new autonomous self drinking market. Hospital settings and nursing homes...
  13. MikesUber

    Uber and Daimler Join Forces on Self-Driving Cars

    Source: January 31, 2017 Posted by Travis Kalanick I’m excited to announce an agreement with Daimler, one of the world’s top auto manufacturers with more than a century of experience designing some of the world’s best and most iconic...
  14. MikesUber

    A Look Inside the Uber Advanced Technologies Group Center

    Inside The R&D Lab Where Uber Is Building "The City Of The Future" The Advanced Technologies Group Center in Pittsburgh, where Uber is building autonomous cars, is a gleaming white vision of the future. Source...
  15. MikesUber

    Uber Asked A Lot Of Pittsburgh For Its Self-Driving Cars, And Offered Back Very Little

    Source: Posted: December 29, 2016 A tough spot to navigate. (AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar) When Uber put its self-driving cars on the road in Pittsburgh in September, the launch...
  16. MikesUber

    Talked to Driver of Autonomous Uber Last Night

    So I'm sitting near the bars last night right before 2:00AM when the familiar silhouette of a white Ford Focus pulls up next to me. He's waiting for his passenger, I see the gear, the sensors, the spinning LIDAR system. We're both waiting so I look at him, flash my phone displaying the driver...
  17. MikesUber

    Uber in Artificial-Intelligence Drive After Buying Startup

    Ride-hailing service is creating new division to develop the technology Source: A fleet of self-driving car at the Uber Advanced Technologies Center in Pittsburgh. The company is...
  18. MikesUber

    Are Autonomous Ubers Already Affecting Surge?

    Here's an interesting discussion about market saturation and demand. Are autonomous Ubers already affecting surge? Last year our market would surge daily, I'm talking Monday thru Saturday when I would drive. It would surge 2.0-3.0x on weekday evenings regularly regardless of what was going on...
  19. RamzFanz

    By 2017, real-world customers will be using 100 self-driving Volvos on public roads

    A safer way to travel Even in a self-driving car, you’re always in control when you want to be. You can mix and match your journey with both autonomous and active driving. And there is no doubt that Autopilot driving technology has the potential to improve road safety dramatically, helping Volvo...
  20. WeirdBob

    MIT Technology Review - Your Driverless Ride Is Arriving

    Uber thinks its self-driving taxis could change the way millions of people get around. But autonomous vehicles aren’t anywhere near to being ready for the roads. by Will Knight | October 18, 2016 . . . The three of these CMU robots show how gradual the progress toward self-driving vehicles...