1. mikewithebike

    Deactivated after driving as ignorant Pool Pax...

    Did a pool trip today in which Pax wanted me to stop at a convenience store so he could get cigarettes. After telling him we aren't allowed to make stops on pool trips things went south real fast. He got belligerent and recieved the same back from me before this minimum fare trip ended. I...
  2. newbiewpb

    airport traveling "trash" this is the scum we drive around someone get me some pepper spray please look how these scumbags talk about us unbelievable
  3. joffie


    Accepted a 1.9 and straight away swapped me to 1.5. Currently sitting in 2.6 and they send me base. What a joke.
  4. BurgerTiime

    Uber refunds drivers it overcharged then raised its commission the SAME DAY!

    Uber refunds drivers it overcharged as they join a union @JaneVonBergen | [email protected] On the same day that Uber Technologies refunded millions of...
  5. Drivingthecattlehome

    The Characters of pax after a month.

    Sorry post removed before foolsber says see you later. It was good while it lasted. Lol lol lol lol