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  1. UncensoredFob

    Ubers New Surge, you must accept all fares

    So I got a notification that Uber is changing how the surge works. They are packaging it like like they are doing us a favor but it’s just another screew you. Surges will last a little longer but they will not be multipliers like 2.1x or 1.4x, now it will be $1 or $3, meaning that you will earn...
  2. G

    Need help (hourly Denver Lyft averages) for insurance claim!

    Soooooo an idiot hit my parked car on Super Bowl Sunday and I haven't been able to drive for Lyft since. Unfortunately my work situation has also changed since then and I would have been driving a lot of hours that I've never driven before. Lyft will not give me any help regarding hourly...
  3. eyewall

    There is nothing worse than being Essex'd

    I am really pissed off tonight as I got a ride to the 5 corners area of Essex Junction. Long and behold as soon as I drop the rider off the map is off the charts red in Burlington with a 4.5x surge onging. As you know these days this is incredibly rare. Of course being in Essex Junction there is...
  4. B

    Where's the investigation?? Why's gov't in bed with this company??

    This is how it probably works: your fare will be $28.00 But in actuality, the miles and time come out to $20.00 So the driver gets $15 and Uber takes $13. This has got to be the greediest company ever. they're charging riders more than the ride would cost, yet the driver is only getting 25...
  5. Connect4Uber$

    wild side

    I need motivation because what I'm making now and always is really just plain @@@@ed up..
  6. E

    Surge is DEAD RIP....

    Ok guys here are some more photos and literally the surge is DEAD!!! It became like a find the difference in two photo game. Lets play a game. Please look at the photos and identify the surge area by the street name.
  7. uberguuber

    TOLLS ??????

    O.k here is a recent pay statement. . Date/Time Trip ID Fare Surge Rider Fee Rider Fee Uber Fee Total here is an older statement. Date/Time Trip ID Fare Surcharges & Tolls Rider Fee Rider Fee Uber Fee Total See the difference...