1. BurgerTiime

    Female Lyft driver sexually assaulted by her passenger SCOTTSDALE, AZ - A Lyft driver was groped by a man, and held by another, while driving on the freeway across the Valley. The Department of Public Safety reports that on Jan. 15 around 2:15 a.m., a...
  2. danielNUber

    We are NOT Babysitters, Uber!

    I get nauseated at the thought of having to put up with spoiled Scottsdale and ASU students who are entitled, young, pathetic and think my vehicle as a extension to their party! Im taking out the car chargers, aux chord and only offering water to those who ask politely. 10 of the 30 hours i...
  3. ArsenalGunner

    A month and half since last doing Uber...Couldn't be happier!!

    It has been a month and half since last doing Uber or Lyft and I'm very happy. I was lucky enough to have found a decent paying job: I will not lie and say I don't miss the flexibility of doing uber. I have to do a 40 hours, 9-5 shift now, but it comes with many perks: I now have health...
  4. ArsenalGunner

    Greediest Company Uber. Told them off!

    So I think after uber reads my last email then they'll surely deactivate my account. I've asked these asssholes to deactivate my driver account on numerous occasions but with no luck. I've tried everything from canceling on pax, telling pax I'm only doing minimum runs during surges, and even...
  5. ArsenalGunner

    My uber days are OVER! Any of you's interested in my clients?

    For those of you that care, I have finally found a sweet gig and my uber days are pretty much over. With the imminent rate changes, I made a move and got lucky with a new gig. I have just under 1900 overall trips, 1378 of those rated and 1295 of those rides being all 5 stars. My rating as it...
  6. ArsenalGunner

    Has anyone sued uber and won?

    Anyone out there sue uber in Phoenix area or nearby cities such as LA, Vegas and possibly won? Anyone attempted to sue them and lost? Feedback is much needed. Also, know of any attorneys in the Metro Phoenix area that do that type of cases?
  7. ArsenalGunner

    .65 cents a mile in Phoenix...anytime now! WE need to do something!!!

    So, as most of you have already seen, Detroit rates are only .30 cents a mile and most markets fashion below .80 cents a mile which means we're on the verge of .65 cents a mile conundrum. My question, what do we do? Do we sit around and kindly take it up the butt or do we stand the @@@@kk up and...
  8. ArsenalGunner

    Uber Drivers, please leave your uber(Customer App) ON!

    I don't know if someone else already posted this but I was thinking...on a busy weekend(or a slow Tuesday) morning, we(Uber Drivers) should download and leave uber customer accounts on to generate some Surge. Does that make any sense? Is that how surges start anyway or am I not understanding...
  9. ArsenalGunner

    Uber Select Ripoff

    So, I'm a brand new Uber Select driver. Traded in my Uber X car for a luxury Uber Select car. Apparently, because it is not an SUV, I do not have the ability just to choose Uber Select...meaning I have to do both Select and X rides. Well, lets just say, three days since my update from X to...
  10. ArsenalGunner

    Halloween weekend. I think I found Cocaine in my car!

    So I did Uber for the Halloween weekend and made a decent amount of cash. Anyway, I found a white-powder substance in a food sample container (small). I have no clue what it is. It is white in color. Not yellowish, but clear white. I do not want to toss it yet as I'm afraid someone might come...
  11. ArsenalGunner

    Please stop letting Pax's put you all in their snapchats!!

    Last weekend, around South Scottsdale, I get a ping from a 5 star pax. Showed up at the pick up location, standing I see two ladies and a dude with their drinks. Of course, I had to let em' know no drinks in my car to which they agreed. They get in my car and one of the entitled broads...