1. LadyJ8A


    Im going to go schedule for the NYC FHV class but I want to know from people that been there before ...QUESTIONS... Do they provide books we can keep? How much do we have to study? Anything else you want to tell me about fhv class I will appreciate
  2. BurgerTiime

    Witnesses say Uber driver spotted driving recklessly causing the death of a crossing guard COBB COUNTY, Ga. - A school crossing guard was hit and killed while directing traffic Thursday morning, as children watched on in horror. Counselors spent the day at Lindley...
  3. jdlewis5293

    How is Peoria during the summer when school is out?

    I drive in Bloomington-Normal in the school year where I make very good wages when driving the Thursday, Friday, Saturday bar shift during the school year. Now that it's summer, I'm averaging $15 an hour, which compared to the school year, that's super low. Is the bar shift in Peoria any...
  4. Cowboyup

    School is out on Monday. Three day weekend.

    :( Have fun with that. :eek: :confused:
  5. Cowboyup

    uber "minor" warning notice would be nice

    Since uber has the ability to locate and block areas, and warn drivers without tnc license not to pickup in Houston. Then they should warn riders at school addresses needing rides from/to about policy of minors. I have to cut my schedule down to 4am-6am then 9am-12pm. Then head to business...
  6. DriverC

    I will not transport your kid to & from school

    as the school year has returned remember it is against Policy to transport minors without the adult account holder. Do it if you want, it's your judgment call. But I refuse to do it. Ohh and if I do pull up and find that's the case. I'm going to make sure they get charged a...
  7. FromNY2TX

    New Lyft driver, starting Uber soon!

    I'm an Army Vet driving while completing an online MBA program and its going okay. I've been driving for Lyft about a week and my background was just cleared by Uber(should be driving in a few days). Lyft has been good and I've received tips on 95% of my rides. Still trying to find good spots...
  8. Driver Zero

    School Holidays

    Quietest Monday morning I can remember in recent times. 1 request in 90 minutes and I even passed on that as it was 10 minutes away. Got me to thinking why, and I could only come up school holidays? Coupled with the fact next Monday is a pub hol, maybe there are alot of people on leave/away...
  9. Tuhes

    Tired of school kids requesting rides.Lets do something

    Are you tired of of school kids requesting 4 blocks rides ? Today had 4 requests from school kids...Time to start to weed them out.... Cancel.... collect $4 ....make them cancel......give them a ride ,1 star them and send info to Lyft/Fuber. Somehow we need to get rid off this ticking...
  10. J

    I Need Quick Help for My Class!

    Hey drivers! I need your help! I've been working on a project for the last month for a startup class where I design a product and sell it to a specific audience. Since I'm a rideshare driver, I wanted to do something for drivers that I thought would really benefit us. If you could help me out...
  11. J

    Need help for an article for school

    Hi all, Kind of a weird request but like the title says I'm writing an article about the future of taxi's and Uber for school and I need a couple of quotes from Uberdrivers and Uber users. And since there aren't that many Uberdrivers or Uber users in my country yet, I thought I'd ask here. My...