scheduled rides

  1. Dropking

    Is Lyft Fixing Scheduled Ride Pickups?

    A long long time ago I wrote here about what Lyft needs to do to fix their scheduled right pickups for drivers. If they had listened at the time a ton of unnecessary pain could have been have been avoided for lyft passengers and drivers alike. Lyft should not take 8 months to introduce...
  2. A

    New scheduled ride rules

    This is how they say the scheduled rides works now. I find it absurd. Thoughts? “Just because you accepted a scheduled ride, it does not mean you will give that ride. Here is how the scheduled rides works: When a ride is scheduled, our platform assigns it to drivers near the pickup location...
  3. J

    Scheduled rides , how does it work ?

    So i've been off for several months and coming back into action. Don't know if scheduled rides are fully in effect and how they work for drivers ? Any advice please ? Thanks in advance !!
  4. Dropking

    How to Fix Lyft's Scheduled Ride Pickups

    Earlier this summer, Lyft introduced a feature that allows drivers to "book" a passenger's scheduled ride. The driver can see where the passenger is going and "claim" the ride in advance of the date. If implemented well, this feature would give Lyft a tremendous competitive advantage...
  5. UberxGTA

    Trip scheduling causing issues

    There seems to be an increasing trend of people expecting an uber to arrive at the exact time they scheduled an arrival time for. Riders are neither reading the fine print or comprehend that a driver is 'not guaranteed' to show up at their requested time. Riders are scheduling their...
  6. Michaacb

    Schedules rides

    When somebody schedules a ride in advance, if there's a surge going when it's time for their ride, will they be charged the surge rate? How exactly do schedule rides work? Do people request in advance and then it's getting close to their pick-up time, Uber pings a driver? Do we know when a ride...
  7. MikesUber

    Pittsburgh Drivers: Scheduled Rides Arrive Today (Lyft)

    Source: Lyft Email Scheduled Rides Are Right on Time The verdict's in: Passengers will take longer trips, especially to the airport, if they can request them in advance. That's why we're now offering scheduled rides with Pittsburgh passengers. Earn more on scheduled rides...
  8. J

    Uber scheduled rides ?

    your thoughts and expereinces please ?? i know Lyft is just starting this. Thanks
  9. HPClays

    Scheduled rides

    Three times in two early mornings, I've shown up at a house and called the pax, only to find out that they are not ready. They were schedule rides that Uber sent me a request for at least 20 minutes early. 1st trip - Accepted 4:38, Showed up 4:48am, Ride scheduled for 5am-5:15am...waited...
  10. MikesUber

    Pittsburgh Riders Can Now Schedule Rides in Advance

    Source: Uber Pittsburgh Email Get more trips with scheduled rides Some people want to plan ahead—like when they need a ride to the airport or a dinner reservation. Now they can, with the new scheduled rides feature. The best part is that you don’t have to do a thing. We handle all the...
  11. John Highway

    Scheduled Rides [Coming Soon]

    Scheduled Rides Sign Up for Early Access With Scheduled Rides, you can arrange a pickup in advance so you can rest assured that an Uber will be available when you need it, even if it’s for a 4am ride to the airport. Scheduled Rides will be rolling out to more cities soon. Sign up now to get...
  12. sddriver389

    Lyft piloting scheduled rides up to 24 hrs in advance

    More (Scheduled) Rides We hear from passengers that they'd request even more of your rides if they could plan in advance - so we'll soon begin testing scheduled rides in select cities. Because passengers will enjoy added convenience, we'll make sure you're paid a higher minimum for these trips...