1. Vishnu643

    Just came back and im seeing the planner? It makes no sense

    So after healing up and rejuvenating for a few months, I'm back and started my day (on the road)at 5am from LI. Nonstop up until 11am in Manhattan where they cut me off because it wasn't busy and in the area AND I wasn't scheduled. Kind of taken aback BUT I am not totally surprised since we were...
  2. Clayx

    What hours do you work on weekdays?(Fulltimers)

    Hey guys, I was interested in your opinions on what times are best to work throughout the week?
  3. KD_LA

    LAX airport late nights

    I've been reading many posts discussing late night LAX experience, I thought I'd throw in my 2 cents for those still discovering airports... I found a useful website that can help plan a driving day (or night), so I bookmarked each of these 2 links on my phone's home screen for a quick general...
  4. RM305

    Amazon Flex blocks in Miami

    hi I am new to Amazon flex in Miami and I see how hard it is to get scheduled reserved blocks or even offers. Besides the usual where people say that just constantly "refresh " which obviously doesn't really help can someone please tell me what to do. Maybe someone that is in the miami market...
  5. Libraguy1919

    AR & CR FAQ

    Moved thread.
  6. Edman

    Received a Ping 20 minutes away........and then this happened

    Received a ping 20 minutes away.... I got to my destination at 5:15 AM. I waited for pax to come out but he never came out after 5 minutes so I texted him and he did not respond so I called him saying "I was here." He told me that I arrived too early and that pick up schedule was for 5:40AM. Is...
  7. financeguy13

    Lyft Commision Schedule update

    The only thing I noticed after reading the 3 pages was that cancellation fees are subject to a commission fee now. I'm assuming that wasn't there before since drivers received a full $5 cancel fee. Pay decrease to drivers for those few riders who no-show. Post any other changes you see. I'm...
  8. MikesUber

    Pittsburgh Drivers: Scheduled Rides Arrive Today (Lyft)

    Source: Lyft Email Scheduled Rides Are Right on Time The verdict's in: Passengers will take longer trips, especially to the airport, if they can request them in advance. That's why we're now offering scheduled rides with Pittsburgh passengers. Earn more on scheduled rides...
  9. 1on1

    i dont have a "time/date" option on my app to book in

    Am I missing something here ? I thought there was an option to book in advance, I have gone through every clickable icon on my Uber app but there is option to Schedule a ride..where is the button to select a date?? My app just goes from select location/destination/ select car, then " call uber"...
  10. AllenChicago

    UZURV Advanced Scheduling Service - Now Serving Uber & Lyft Passengers.

    July 16, 2016 Prior to this month, UZURV ride pre-scheduling was only available to UBER passengers in a limited number of cities. The service is now expanding to Lyft customers. Full Story:
  11. Michael - Cleveland

    App lets you schedule an Uber for any time you want

    This app lets you schedule an Uber for any time you want Business Insider | Nathan McAlone | May 3, 2016, TaxiLater is an app built with one purpose: letting you schedule an Uber for a specific time. All...
  12. PowerTrip

    Scheduling an Uber ride in advance now possible with Rezzi

    Scheduling an Uber ride in advance now possible with Rezzi Rezzi allows Uber riders to schedule pickups in advance and request specific drivers. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS FILE By Christopher Spata | Published: October 29, 2015 | Updated: October 29, 2015 at 06:33 PM There’s a new way...