scary pax

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    Rideshare Horror Channel

    Don't Turn Around is about to release a slew of creepy rideshare stories on its Youtube Channel. You can check out the first one here, in between your rides :)
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    Scary Drunk Passenger

    My first ever Uber pick up was my scariest. It nearly made me never drive again. I've put it up on my horror creepy pasta channel, Don't Turn Around. I'd love to know if this compares to anyone you've ever picked up.
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    Pax called me 2 days after completed ride

    Now I had not been online for two days (since 9/17) because I was busy and in my friend's wedding. All of a sudden on Saturday 9/19 I start getting calls from the generic Uber rider number- (832) 730-2936. I ignore the calls because I was taking pics with my phone. I didn't think anything of it...