1. BurgerTiime

    Mumbai & Delhi drivers on strike, using bully tactics if caught with app on Same crap, different city. The drivers said they wanted higher commissions that factor in the increase in fuel prices. Cab aggregators Ola and Uber saw disruption...
  2. Rakos

    Cut throat X drivers

    Just watched a dark coup... Stuff 6 riders in their car... So UNCOOL... I guess it's time... To start throwing poo... Shame on you X... Making it difficult in St Pete...8O Rakos
  3. BurgerTiime

    Uber paying the price for not supporting driver strike Uber drivers have seen a big dropoff in business since a #deleteUber campaign began Saturday night — sparked by the company’s defiance of a Saturday airport strike to support immigrants detained at JFK...
  4. Blahgard

    Uninsured UberX Drivers

    I understand there's a bounty and that insurance companies will pay for documentation on those uberx drivers who cheat their insurance companies.
  5. Blahgard

    Courtney Love Attacked in Paris: Uner Driver Held "Hostage" by Taxi Drovers

    From-2015 Courtney Love was attacked in Paris on Thursday (June 25) by what she described as a "mob of taxi drivers." Taxi workers have been recently using blockades in European cities to picket Uber, as the mobile car-hailing service has hurt their industry; on Thursday, that picketing turned...