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say no to uber x

  1. H

    Uber new rip off surging.

    Hey guys Uber intoduced a new model of surge. It is rip off. I guess Uber wants us to quit working for them and switch to Lyft. You won't make money on long trips, You can't turnoff app,if you do you won't be eligible for surge. You are forced to pick rides. We should say no to uber's new surge...
  2. Jigit

    NoMore UberBlack Option for old Drivers !!

    So I just received a voicemail from Uber, I guess I was busy when they called me or maybe the phobe call went straight to my voicemail, ling story short : I got a voicemail from Uber office telling me that they want me to be aware that they are going to take EVERYONE's UberBlack option and that...