1. BurgerTiime

    Super Bowl weekend was a bust for many Some Uber drivers made more money than usual during the Super Bowl, but it wasn't the jackpot many expected. MPR News sampled Uber surge pricing every 15 minutes in five areas...
  2. EJ974

    Uber shillers

    they get an unscratchable itch everytime someone shares a genuine concern of income decline or market saturation... they, of course, make good money due to preferential treatment while we can't even complain?! Henceforth, they will be referred to as "Uber shillers"
  3. EJ974

    Almost 4 am..,

    It's almost 4 am, yet there's drivers everywhere! Meanwhile, how are the 2 circled cars parked? On top of each other?!
  4. H

    Too Many drivers in Hollywood.

    Whats up with so many drivers now. It's like a 3 second wait time. Really? The amount of pax requesting drivers isn't going to increase with more drivers, its just making the drivers make less money. There should be a quota of how many drivers. Its just ridiculous from a few months ago. Add all...
  5. Fbrand619

    Is the lyft market saturated in San Diego?

    So I am new to Lyft and still waiting for my background check from Uber. I live in San Diego and wanted to know other drivers opinion. Is the Lyft market in San Diego saturated. Is it worth even trying when you see up to 15 Lyft cars in a with in 1 mile radius?
  6. W

    Mad at Uber? Quit.

    Constantly complaining about how Uber is not fair is futile. If you feel like Uber is taking advantage of you then quit. Most people love working for uber because of the freedom it grants. Its a trade off at the end of the day... Freedom at times means less earning.
  7. B.Car

    Greenville Uber Saturated with out of town drivers...

    So as a test me and a few other riders started using free credits in the Greenville/Downtown area and guess what? Most drivers are coming from out of state just to saturate our small market, people from GA and FL...coming here and taking half our bussiness in such a small area..uber should not...