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  1. Mista T

    Interviews: Uber announces four proprietary new lines of business

    In the past Uber has attempted various additional business ventures. While some have failed miserably, others have had remarkable success, such as Uber Eats and Jump Bike. In the same entrepreneurial spirit, Uber has announced that they are adding four completely unrelated new lines of business...
  2. trsfa

    Weapon Of Choice

    Unfortunately, we are not allowed to carry a gun(s) ( as per Uber/Lyft rules), but other lethal weapons are fine. I keep a sprenger switchblade on the bottom right of the front of my seat, out of site, but at my fingertips. Under my visor, I have several shuriken throwing stars of various sizes...
  3. possibledriver

    “Few remaining open roads in downtown Chattanooga to be closed by next Friday”

  4. Kennedy C

    Ode to my Denver uber driver (Need for Speed: Cannabis Run)

    I stood on the sidewalk with my suitcase in tow. Off to the airport I had to go. He drifted the corner up on two wheels. Screeched to a halt I was getting the feels. Without a word I heard the trunk click. Threw in my bag thinking "geez what a dick". I jumped in the back seat of his tiny...
  5. U

    How to Prank an Uber Driver (AKA Uber Driver IQ Test)