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santa monica

  1. MsKia

    Bird scooters at crosswalks...help!

    I almost got into an accident today in Santa Monica when a Bird scooter crossed a crosswalk when I wasn’t expecting it. I searched online but couldn’t find a definitive answer...are they supposed to cross according to the crosswalk signal with pedestrians or just when the light turns green? Not...
  2. LAboy

    I will Vlog UberEATS on YOUTUBE, to EXPOSE

    Uber doesnt seem to believe me sometimes what some customers do, so i decided to buy a tiny gopro put it on my motorcycle helmet or my chest, i have to expose some MOFOs. haha cuz everyday it's a new story especially with a BIKE i wanna expose the non tippers and the rude @@@@@es, the liars...
  3. LAboy


    Man, i hate when i get drinks on a BICYCLE, it's very hard to get it to the customer without spilling, the problem with UberEATS, they give long distance too, like last night, i delivered to this girl, a meal with a fountain drink and hot coffee on my BICYCLE for 2.8 miles, from HOLLYWOOD blvd...
  4. 2CV750CC

    Bus stops - avoid them like the plague - will cost $$$

    so here is what happened got a ping on 4th in Santa Monica head over there, the couple I am picking up looks just like their lovely photo and they are ready for me right there at the bus stop, so I pull in, they jump in and we pull out short ride, sweet couple, and now a week later I receive a...
  5. UberXpert2020

    This Guy Got Fired For Attacking an Uber Driver. Read For Deets

    DISCLAIMER - Posting because i couldn't believe this. Read and then comment away! Do you think firing him is justified? If yes, why and if you do not agree, why not? http://ktla.com/2015/11/02/taco-bell-marketing-manager-fired-after-allegedly-assaulting-uber-driver-in-caught-on-video-attack/